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About McGill Online

McGill has been known worldwide for its quality of teaching for over 200 years. With McGill Online, we are advancing curricular and pedagogical innovation while maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. Our vision is to expand access and meet the needs of learners across the world.

- Christopher Buddle, Associate Provost (Teaching and Academic Planning)


A history of excellence

McGill University has a proud tradition of offering world-class education. We are continuing that tradition of excellence as we move purposefully into offering select programs online. Some of these have been launched quite recently, including the Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated) - a program that is the same as our in-person program, but delivered online to the homes of practicing registered nurses across Quebec. Our School of Continuing Studies has also offered many programs online and they are looking to expand their offerings to learners around the world. Many of our Faculties are in the process of developing additional online programs, which will be featured here over time.

Principles our programs follow

  • Quality: our online programs are developed with the same standard of excellence as our in-person offerings. They must be approved through the same pathways, ensuring quality from conception to implementation.
  • Innovation: we strive to ensure a variation in the pedagogical approaches of our online programs, whether a mix of synchronous and asynchronous content delivery, or the use of virtual simulations and other interactive tools. Our online programs are developed and designed for the web from the start to optimize the online learning experience for students.
  • Continual improvement: our online programs are reviewed regularly and updated as needed to reflect current trends in the discipline and current online educational tools.
  • Support and training: instructors and students need different kinds of support when teaching and learning online. We continually develop resources to help with training and ensuring that everyone can succeed in our online programs.

Connect with us

The future of education is exciting, including how we leverage the power of online tools, and McGill is excited to have you along on our journey. If you have questions or are a member of the McGill community who may want to develop an online program, please reach out to us at online_programs.provost [at]

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