Gynecologic Oncology

The Gynecology Oncology Division at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) provides patients with comprehensive multi-disciplinary care for women with gynecologic cancers. Our team includes world-class gynecological oncologists, gynecologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pharmacists, pathologists, radiologists and specialized nurses to ensure that all patients get the highest quality of multi-disciplinary care.

We specialize in a wide range of surgical services including minimally invasive surgery, robotic and laparoscopic techniques, sentinel lymph node mapping, ultra-radical multi-organ abdominal and pelvic surgery for advanced cancer.

Our expert team of gynecological oncologists and radiation oncologists offer innovative treatments, including experimental and intra-peritoneal chemotherapy, and intensity-modulated radiation therapy to patients with gynecological cancers.

The Gynecology Oncology Division is located at the Cedars Cancer Centre of the MUHC Glen Site, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration and innovative research. The Division also has sub-specialty programs to meet the needs of all patients:  

  • Colposcopy evaluation of the cervix, vulva and vagina
  • Genetic testing and counseling for women
  • Endocrinology clinic for metabolic optimization
  • Psychosocial support for patients and their families
  • Early detection program for Ovarian and Endometrial cancers  for women at high risk: DOvEE and DOvEEgene
  • Innovative diagnostic and prevention tools, as well as experimental treatments  

The Gynecology Oncology Division of the MUHC is involved in clinical and translational research with the aim of understanding the complex health issues that patients with gynecological cancers are facing, and improving outcomes. Our focus is in the early detection of gynecological cancers and use of novel therapies for treatment. Our team is active in numerous research projects, which include investigator-initiated research and industry-sponsored clinical trials. For more information, please see Women’s Health Research Unit website.

The division is also active in Gynecologic Oncology subspecialty residency program training. 


Division of Gynecologic-Oncology

Susie Lau
Academic Director, All Sites

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

Jewish General Hospital (JGH)

Lucy Gilbert
Kris Jardon
Xing Zeng (Ziggy)

Radiation Oncologists
Joanne Alfieri
Luis Souhami

Giovanni Artho
Caroline Reinhold
Maria Tsatsoumas
Melanie Theriault
Lawrence Stein

Jocelyne Arseneau
Lili Fu
Tuyet Nhung Ton Nu

Enza Ambosio, Nurse Pivot
Joanne Power, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Cancer Genetics- Geneticist
William Foulkes

Cancer Genetics-Genetic Counsellors
Laurence Baret
Laura Palma
Evan Weber

Clinical Care Coordinator (Cancer Genetics)
Laura Hayes

G. Galbaud Du Fort

Marc Hamel
Anita Mehta

Supportive Care
Manuel Borod
Hitesh Bhanabhai
Anna Towers (lymphedema)
Antonio Vigano (Cancer rehab)

Metabolic Cancer Care
David Morris

Jing Feng

Supportive staff
Tarah Carr-Smith, Medical Secretary
Debbie Manessis, Administrative Assistant

Women’s Health Research Unit
Claudia Martins, Associate Director
Marilyne Labossiere
Joelle Malek
Tyanno Nguyen
Andrea Valletta
Andrea Dumont
Taylor Grant
Dhabisha Kohilnathan
Phuong-Nam Nguyen (Nathalie)
Bianca Ragusa
Alicia Schiavi

Walter Gotlieb
Susie Lau
Shannon Salvador

Radiation Oncologists
Boris Bahoric
Tamim Niazi

Medical Oncologist
David Melnychuk

Alex Ferenczy

William Foulkes
Marc Tischkowitz


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