We strive for excellence and safety in the delivery of obstetrical care throughout the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum periods. While many of the physicians (obstetricians and family doctors) maintain their practices outside of the hospital, they are all implicated in the training of medical students and residents during their provision of hospital-based care. Research into women’s reproductive health is conducted across all our sites.  As academic centres, we have the advantage of close relationships with our subspecialty colleagues, particularly Maternal Fetal Medicine. 

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Division of Obstetrics

Richard Brown
Academic Director, All Sites

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

Jewish General Hospital (JGH)

St Mary's Hospital Center (SMHC)

Alice Benjamin
Richard Brown
William Buckett
Deborah Cohen
Amira El-Messidi
Paul Fournier
Robert Gagnon
William Goldsmith 
Dawn Johansson
Samir Khalifé
Robert Koby 
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy
Angela Mallozzi
Fady Mansour
Andrew Mok
Vincent Ponette
Lilian Seropian

Haim Abenhaim
Allan Climan
Rita Frydman 
Hing-Sang Hum 
Stephanie Klam 
Lawrence Koby
Marie-France Lachapelle
Violaine Marcoux
Markus Martin
Louise Miner
Luis Monton
Thuy Ngoc Nguyen
Robbie Shear
Janet Shinder
Josée Truchon
Cleve Ziegler

Sonia Bodmer-Roy
Ian Comeau
Konstantin Feochari
Audrey Gilbert
Isabelle Girard
Melinda Hall
Robert Hemmings
Louise Johnson
Maryse Larouche
Josée Lefebvre
Gary Luskey
Lisa Merovitz
Jens-Erik Walter
Helene Weibel

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