In memory of Ms. Anne Robert Morin, friends and loved ones have launched the outdoor weekend event 'FloconAnne,' in order to honor Ms. Morin, to raise awareness regarding ovarian cancer and its mortality, and to raise funds for the Anne Robert Morin Legacy Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation in support of the DOvEE Project.

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The Buzz: DOvEEgene

Led by Dr. Lucy Gilbert, another innovative clinical research study titled 'DOvEEgene' futuristically aims to develop a cutting-edge, tangible screening tool that will allow health care professionals to diagnose ovarian and endometrial cancers earlier than ever before. 

(Photo: CBC News)


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Futuristic View: DOvEE Mobile Clinic

Dr. Lucy Gilbert, renowned Gynecologist-Oncologist and Principal Investigator of the DOvEE Project, has announced the upcoming exciting launch of a DOvEE Mobile Clinic! This exclusive new project was announced on CBC News on September 9 2016.

(Photo: The Gazette)

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Run for Ovarian Cancer 2016

On Sunday October 16 2016, more than 200 men and women participated in the first annual "Run for Ovarian Cancer," benefiting the DOvEE Project. Altogether, the community raised more than $60,000 for this great cause!

Brought to you by the Cedars Cancer Foundation and Dagenais Joly-Smith Fund

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McGill Health & Wellness Fair 2016

DOvEE was honored to be represented at this year's annual McGill's Health and Wellness Fair for Faculty and Staff. This informative fair serves to expose McGill's employees to a multitude of health and wellness organizations that exist for their well-being. Pictured is our very own, Joelle Malek, Nurse Manager of the DOvEE Project.

(October 14 2016, Montreal QC)

Presentation in Vaudreuil-Dorion

DOvEE is continuing to gain province-wide attention, as on October 8 2016, the clinical research project was presented to over 50 women at the Centre Multisports Vaudreuil-Dorion. Amongst the attendees was notable Marie-Claude Nichols, Member for Vaudreuil of Quebec Liberal Party.

Organized by 'Punjab Sports & Cultural Assoc.' and 'Assoc. Casa Espoir'

Conference : "Veuillez-Connaître: Cancer de l'Ovaire"

Dr. Kris Jardon, staff member of the Gynecology-Oncology Department at the MUHC Glen Hospital, hosted an informative conference regarding Ovarian Cancer and the DOvEE Project.  The venue for this conference was Place des Aînés, DOvEE's newly established satellite clinic in Laval, Quebec.

(October 6 2016)

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Welcome to the DOvEE Project!


The prime objective of the DOvEE Project lies between the letters of the name itself. 

We assure that eligible women are granted fast-tracked accessibility to specialized medical examinations, which in turn, will allow for early detection and diagnosis of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers. Ultimately, when such gynecological cancers are identified in their early stages, there is an increased chance of survival and life. 

Join thousands of women and become part of the DOvEE Movement today!

To determine your eligibility for the project, please contact us at 1-866-716-3267 - it is our sincere pleasure to serve our community! 


The DOvEE Project is kindly funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the McGill University Health Centre.

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