Our staff is involved in a variety of issues regarding microbiology, generally with an environmental leaning, including microbial genetics, physiology, ecology and plant-microbe interactions.  As well, we are studying various aspects of the use of microorganisms for biodegradation and bioremediation of contaminated sites.  Recently we are examining Earth-based systems as models of extraterrestrial ones in the emerging field of Astrobiology.  



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arctic sampling

DRISCOLL, Dr. Brian T. – Associate Professor. Molecular genetic and biochemical regulation of nutrient exchange in the Rhizobium-legume symbiosis, metagenomics. 

FAUCHER, Dr. Sebastien - Associate Professor.  Water-borne pathogens and the regulation of virulence factors and genes involved in stress response. 

charles.greer [at] nrc.ca (GREER, Dr. )charles.greer [at] nrc.ca (Charles W.)  - Adjunct Professor. Microbial ecology and activity of bacteria in the degradation of organic pollutants, microbial population densities in contaminated environments, bio-remediation technologies for the treatment of contaminated sites.

WHYTE, Dr. Lyle G. – Professor. Polar microbial ecology and biodiversity, cold-adapted microorganisms, low temperature biodegradation, low temperature bioremediation, Rhodococcus, alkane genetics, alkane monooxygenase, molecular microbial ecology, environmental genomics, low temperature physiology, astrobiology.

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