Adjuncts, Affiliates and Associates

Adjunct professors:

FERNIE, Kimberly 

Research Scientist, Ecotoxicology, Environment and Climate Change Canada. Research interests: Wildlife conservation through conducting research on the effects of contaminants of concern, particularly new and emerging contaminants, on birds and other wildlife species.


FREI, Barbara 

Research Scientist, Wildlife Research Division, Science and Technology Branch, Environment and Climate Change Canada. Research interests: Applied conservation and management issues relevant in a rapidly changing world.


HOUDE, Magali 

Research Scientist - Aquatic ecotoxicology specialist, Environment and Climate Change Canada. Research interests: Protection and conservation of aquatic ecosystems. Evaluation of the presence and the bioaccumulation of environmental contaminants in aquatic organisms. Investigation of the multi-level biological effects (genes, proteins, tissus) and modes of action of emerging contaminants in aquatic organisms (i.e., algae, zooplankton, fish, birds, and marine mammals).



Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, Queen’s University. Research interests: the controls on trace gas exchange (e.g., carbon dioxide) between ecosystems and the atmosphere – especially those ecosystems that have been modified or are managed through human activity.



Affiliate members:

geoffrey.sunahara [at] (SUNAHARA, Geoffrey )

Environmental toxicologist and retired Senior Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada. Research interests: exposure- and effects-assessment of various toxic and persistent pollutants.


UNC, Adrian 

Professor, School of Science and the Environment, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Research interests: integrating soil and water sciences with standard microbiology and molecular tools to answer sustainability inquiries related to agriculture, soil and water interfaces, soil to plant continuum microbiology, wastewater management as relevant to agricultural production and environmental sustainability to ensure environmental quality, human health, and food sustainability.



Associate members:

BEDE, Jacquie 

Associate Professor, Department of Plant Science, McGill University. Research interests: ecological functions of plant compounds in the interactions between plants and insect herbivores, the fundamental biochemical mechanisms driving these relationship, redox- and post-translational regulation of plant defenses, insect strategies to subvert plant defenses.


GREEN, David M. 

Professor and Director, Redpath Museum, McGill University. Research interests: Ecology, behaviour, genetics, and systematics of amphibians, inter-populational divergence, hybridization, and genome evolution, determinants of species' ranges and population declines.


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