Adult Neurology

The McGill University Neurology and Neurosurgery Residency Programs have the specific goals of training both clinical neurologists and neurosurgeons and academic clinician-scientists. They are designed to meet requirements in adult neurology, pediatric neurology, and neurosurgery of the Collège des Médecins du Québec and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. 

The programs are university-based and include the neurological and neurosurgical departments of the Montreal Neurological Institute, Montreal General Hospital, Montreal Children's Hospital, Glen Hospital (Royal Victoria) and the Sir M.B. Davis - Jewish General Hospital. Residents rotate to each hospital in the course of their training.


The 5-year adult neurology training program is comprised of 1 year of internal medicine and 4 years of neurology. The core training includes a total 2 years of clinical rotations on the teaching units of the participating hospitals, including 12 weeks of child neurology and 8 weeks of clinical epilepsy-EEG. All residents have rotations in EMG/neuromuscular disease (12 weeks), and psychiatry (4 weeks). Thirty-two weeks of electives are interspersed throughout the 4 years of neurology, and the last 16 weeks of the program consist of dedicated out-patient clinic rotations in general and subspecialty neurology. A unique feature of the program is the 24-week neuroscience research rotation, designed to give residents first hand exposure to techniques and ideas in contemporary clinical or basic neuroscience.

There is an active teaching program in each of the participating hospitals, including Neurology teaching rounds and subspecialty teaching rounds. There are numerous additional lectures and seminars that cover the broad spectrum of clinical and scientific neurology, including frequent guest lectures by neurologists and neuroscientists of international stature.  There is a weekly 3-hour academic half day that includes McGill Neurology Grand Rounds and two hours of resident-directed teaching.

Residents are encouraged to pursue post-residency academic training in neurosciences, or clinical fellowship training, either at McGill or elsewhere.

Please consult:

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Inquiries and applications should be directed to:

Dr. Stuart Lubarsky
Adult Neurology Residency Program

Email: residency.neurology [at]

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