Red-green colour deficiency

We are currently recruiting subjects with a deficiency in colour discrimination for a vision testing experiment related to colour vision. If you are age 18-40 and have a known red-green colour deficiency ("red-green colour blindness"), or think you may have, we invite you to participate.

Subjects will undergo an initial screening to assess their colour vision. Eligible subjects will then have the opportunity to participate for up to 12 hours in total, split into multiple sessions at the subject's convenience.

This study does not involve any medical diagnosis or treatment for colour deficiency. Subjects will be compensated for their time, and help us to better understand human colour vision.

Contact us with any questions. Thank you!



Montreal General Hospital, Cedar Ave.


$20 / hour


Kathy T. Mullen

kathy.mullen [at]

Christopher Shooner (contact)

christopher.shooner [at]


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