Enjoying a stroll on Centre Road (Orange trail). Photo: Anne Godbout

A favorite activity at the Arboretum is walking the trails trough a diverse landscape of forests, fields and plantations.

The Centre Road (Orange trail) is a 3 km loop that, as its name implies, encompasses the centre of the property. It is a wide well-drained gravelled path that is open year-round to walkers and runners (note that bicycles are not allowed on the trails). This trail allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature without coming into close contact with tick habitat, which is tall grass and plants of the forest understorey. During the warm season (April to December), visitors who are protected against ticks can use the narrower tracks, namely the yellow (5.4 km), red (1.5 km) or green (1.3 km) trails. In winter, the Centre Road (Orange trail) is cleared of snow whereas the yellow, red and green trails are dedicated to skiing and/or snowshoeing.

Consult the trail map to get an overview.

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