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2018 MISC Annual Conference: Who pays for Canada? February 21-23, 2017

For our 23rd annual conference—and to mark the centenary of income tax in Canada, first collected in 1918—the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada turned its focus to a topic that has plenty of history: tax fairness. Is it a technical question or a philosophical one? Is it best resolved by statisticians or lawyers? How do we subject such complicated questions to democratic accountability? Over the course of the conference, members of the public and experts from across various academic and professional disciplines weighed in on the tax fairness debate. Below are selected media highlights featuring related content and conference speakers at work.


March 27th, 2018
The McGill Tribune
Canadian tax policy: Subject to change

"Panelist Vida Panitch, the director of the Doctoral Program in Ethics and Public Affairs at Carleton University, introduced the notion of the government regularly giving every citizen a sum of money as a “basic income” ..."

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Beyond Borders Tax Blog Background
February 21st, 2018
Beyond Borders: The New Canadian History Blog

On Inequality, Taxes, and the Party System in Canadian History

"Memories of Occupy Wall Street protests were still fresh in the spring of 2012 when the National Post hired Forum Research to survey Canadians to find out how concerns about income inequality were shaping their party preferences..."

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Kevin Page photo
February 22nd, 2018
The McGill Reporter

Kevin Page on taxation and transparency

"As a Parliamentary Budget Officer for Canada I got to see close up how a government will deliberately limit the flow of information in order to evade debate and accountability..."

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More media...

Let's salute 100 years of personal income tax, shall we?, Ottawa Citizen (4/14/2017)

The conversation: why we should listen to people angry about their taxes, DalNews (10/10/2017)

Jack Mintz: Bill Morneau’s ‘fixes’ are worse for business — and Canada's tax system, The Financial Post (10/19/2017)

Jack Mintz: You can stop blaming the rich, since you're a tax avoider, tooThe Financial Post (11/15/2017) 

The toxic politics of income taxiPolitics (11/28/2017)

William Watson: Thank the rich. They’re the ones paying for everythingThe Financial Post (11/28/2017) 

Tax and the Canadian PsycheLiterary Review of Canada (11/29/2017)

Morneau outlines small-business tax revisions as committee calls for plan to be scrappedThe Globe and Mail (12/13/2017)

100 years of Canadian income taxes, Toronto Star (12/14/2017)

Corporations pay less taxes than you think, Toronto Star (12/14/2017)

Sommes-nous en guerre fiscale?, Le Devoir (12/30/2017)

The global tax war may already be under wayThe Globe and Mail (1/1/2018)

Executive Pay in CanadaThe Agenda with Steve Paikin (1/22/2018)

La « défiscalisation » menace les services publics et la démocratie, Radio Canada (1/26/2018)

Fairness between Economics and History in CanadaBeyond Borders: The New Canadian History Blog (2/7/2018)

Black-Market GumdropsBeyond Borders: The New Canadian History Blog (2/14/2018)

Panel: Tax and Public Opinion, MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance (2/14/2018)

Who pays for Canada? Taxes and fairnessThe McGill Reporter (2/15/2018)

Morneau analyzing big U.S. tax cuts, rules out ‘impulsive’ Canadian responseThe Globe and Mail (2/16/2018)

On Racism and Taxation: Rethinking the Chinese Head Tax, 1885-1923Beyond Borders: The New Canadian History Blog (2/20/2018)

Paradis fiscaux: une coalition à Ottawa pour rencontrer le gouvernementL'Actualité (2/23/2018)

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