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Once logged in to Minerva, your guest status will always allow you see to the Guest Menu, Personal Menu and Applicant Menu.  In addition, if you were ever a student or employee at McGill, you may see addtional menus corresponding to those roles.

IMPORTANT: Information housed on menus such as the Student Menu, the Financial Aid/Awards Menu and the Employee Menu (as well as the Personal and Applicant Menus - see more on those below) always relate to YOU and to you only. Items that are listed on these menus are in no way related to your host student.

To access the records of your host student you must consult the Guest Menu.

Access problems? If you cannot log in to Minerva at all, or if you do not see the above menus, contact Service Point at 514-398-7878.

Guest Menu

Use the Guest Menu to access the Student Account information your host student has designated. Please see Student Accounts for details.

Items listed on the Guest Menu include:

  • Overview of Student-Granted Access Privileges
  • View Student e-Bills
  • e-Payment Options
  • View Student Account Summary by Term
  • View Student Account Summary
  •  View Student Tuition Fee Receipts
  • View Student Relevé 8 Tax Form

Personal Menu

Use the Personal Menu to view and modify your personal information, or to change your Minerva PIN or security answer.

Items listed on the Personal Menu include:

  • Minerva PIN
  • Minerva Security Question
  • Addresses and Phones
  • Email Address

Applicant Menu

Use the Applicant Menu if YOU YOURSELF wish to apply for admission to McGill. Items under this menu are in no way related to the admission of your host student.

Items listed on the Applicant Menu include:

  • Complete or Update Application
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