Anne-Marie Kietzig

Associate Professor
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Gerald Hatch Fellow

Anne-Marie Kietzig
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anne.kietzig [at]
Chemical Engineering
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My research program is built on two fundamental pillars: one being surface wetting and the other being laser-material-interactions. Specific research projects target specifically at least one of the following aspects: (a) to investigate how femtosecond laser pulses influence the surface chemistry of materials, (b) to contribute a fundamental understanding of the physical phenomena governing surface wetting and (c) to use a femtosecond laser system for various applications as a high precision, microfabrication technique, which allows the fabrication of surface structures on two length scales (on the micro- and nanometer scale) in one process step. Recently we have shown that we are able to reduce ice adhesion by about 90% when designing microstructures for exploiting solidification dynamics of water. This finding is relevant to northern infrastructure, aircraft and turbines exposed to supercooled droplets and resulting ice accretion.

Research areas: 
Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, and Propulsion
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