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Some evidence of the importance of bathymetry and eddies for the Arctic dynamics

Monday, July 8, 2019 11:00to12:30
Room 934

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Departmental Seminar Series



Some evidence of the importance of bathymetry and eddies for the Arctic dynamics

a talk by

Camille Lique
Research Scientist
Laboratoire d'Océanographie Physique et Spatiale (LOPS), France


The Arctic is experiencing some of the most rapid transformations on the planet in response to the on-going climate change. Yet, despite being crucial for climate and societal issues, our knowledge on the Arctic Ocean circulation is admittedly lagging behind the recent progress made on the understanding of the dynamics at play in other regions.

In this talk, I will present three regional case studies highlighting the importance of bathymetry and mesoscale eddies for the small and large scale circulation and its variability, as well as for the sea ice conditions. First, I will show how a bathymetry-controlled front in the Barents Sea have become increasingly important to constrain the position of the sea ice edge in winter. Second, I will investigate some aspect of the dynamics of the Beaufort Gyre, in the context of its recent spin up that has resulted in a strong accumulation of freshwater in the Canadian Basin. Third, I will show how sea ice satellite observations may be used to reveal the signature of mesoscale eddies, highlighting the possible interplay between sea ice and mesoscale turbulence.


Monday July 08/ 11:00 AM/ Burnside Hall/ Room 934

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