Recruitment Procedures

The employment of academic staff at McGill University is the prerogative of the Board of Governors, which acts on the recommendation of the Principal as conveyed through the Provost, the Dean and the Chair.

University policies, procedures, and Guidelines for Academics is available from the Secretariat's Website. Additional information on Recruiting New Tenure-Track/Tenured Academic or Librarian Staff can be found on the Academic Personnel Office website.

Steps for Recruiting & Hiring Full-Time Tenure-stream Academic Staff (including immigration and Manpower procedures

1. The Department initiates dialogue with Vice-Dean, Academic Affairs about recruiting process and submits proposed Advertisement

2. Faculty approves request & proposed advertisement

3. Academic Personnel Office issues Recruiting Agreement Form with Recruiting Agreement Number

4. Department/Faculty sends advertisement

5. Candidate applies for position or headhunted

6. Interview stage

7. Associate Dean, Professional Affairs verifies credentials of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) for Restrictive Licence (this step is for M.D. Professors only)

8. Final candidate selected

  • Department sends Academic Position Recruitment Report with all pertinent attachments
  • Department sends Restrictive Licence application package to Recruit (this step is for M.D. Professors only)

9. For International Medical Graduates, department sends request for professeur selectionné position to Vice-Dean, Academic Affairs

10. Vice-Dean, Academic Affairs approves the candidate

11. Provost approves the candidate

12. For MD Professors, department submits Manpower request to Associate Dean, Inter-Hospital Affairs

13. Academic Personnel Office

  • Matches candidate with recruitment approval number
  • Sends faculty/unit acceptance

14. Department sends formal Letter of Offer and, if restrictive licence required, ensures Candidate submits Restrictive Licence Application documents and fee to Immigration & Professional Affairs Administrator

15. Another template is on the Academic Personnel forms section

16. Candidate accepts offer

17. Department confirms candidate's acceptance and sends Immigration Dossier to Immigration & Professional Affairs Administrator, if employment authorization is required

18. Provost sends BOG letter

19. Collège des médecins du Québec approves and issues Restrictive permit letter with the copy to Immigration & Professional Affairs Administrator (this step for International Medical Graduates only)

20. Job Validation
Once Restrictive Permit & MSSS letter is received, Immigration Coordinator submits Immigration dossier to HRDC & MRCI and obtains Job Validation, which is faxed to Embassy/Consulate where candidate is applying.

21. Candidate receives Job Validation and applies to Canadian Consulate or Embassy abroad for work permit

22. Department initiates appointment process, see our Appointments section

23. Within 60 days of appointment, the Department needs to send the new tenure-track academic staff member the Guidelines_for_Reappointment_of_Tenure_Track_Faculty.pdf to communicate performance expectations.  It is important to save proof that these have been sent to the acadmic.

Hiring ranked and un-ranked non-tenure stream academic staff

Academic Classifications and their definitions can be found on the Academic Classifications page

The following documents must be provided to the Academic Affairs Office (Faculty of Medicine) when hiring ranked and un-ranked non-tenure stream academic staff:

  • Copy of the selected candidate's Curriculum Vitae;
  • Offer Letter, please use our templates from this page;
  • Short justification memo from the Chair/Director explaining what the person is being hired to do, if not specified in the Offer Letter;
  • Job description for Academic or Research Associate positions;
  • Valid work permit for non-Canadians;
  • Manpower request approved (for MD Professors);
  • Proof of affiliation for visiting classifications;

For more information on Licensure, Medical Manpower see MD Recruitment section and Immigration procedures