Specimen 2

Tibia/Fibula. The tibia consists almost entirely of a sequestrum surrounded by a thick involuculum. The origin of several sinuses (FIG. 1) are evident on the surface. The fibula is united to the...

Specimen 7

Femur. Fracture of the upper third of the shaft with poor apposition, united by irregular callus (FIG. 1).

Specimen 12

Femur. Tubular sequestrum from amputated stump. 12_enlarge.pdf

Specimen 23

Femur. Stump showing a sequestrum partly covered by a conical involucrum. 23_enlarge.pdf

Specimen 24

Tibia. Osteomyelitis of shaft following splitting off of longitudinal splinter by iron ball.

Specimen 3

Femur. The shaft is fractured obliquely 11 cm from the distal end. Union has not occurred despite the presence of a large amount of callus (FIG. 1) at the ends of both fragments. A sequestrum is...

Specimen 15

Femur. Oblique gunshot fracture (FIG. 1). Upper and lower portions of the bone are separated, but united by callus in several places.

Specimen 4

Humerus. Comminuted fracture of lower half of right humerus just above the elbow. 04_enlarge.pdf

Specimen 17

Forearm. Lower two-thirds of left forearm. Amputation was performed for gangrene/ulceration of wrist following removal of middle finger (FIG. 1, bone stump at amputation site).


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