Specimen 23

Femur. Stump showing a sequestrum partly covered by a conical involucrum....

Specimen 4

Humerus. Comminuted fracture of lower half of right humerus just above the elbow....

Specimen 25

Tibia/Fibula. Lower leg amputation....

Specimen 10

Femur. Cut surface of the upper femur with acetabulum shows necrosis of medullary tissue (FIG. 1) that extends from the margin of amputation to the mid-portion of the neck.

Specimen 1

Stump of Femur. Greatly thickened cortex shows the openings of several sinuses (FIG. 1) that drained an abscess cavity in the medulla.

Specimen 16

Femur. Upper third of the bone shows a depressed and fragmented gunshot fracture (FIG. 1) of the anterior surface of the shaft adjacent to the lesser trochanter. A large splinter (FIG. 2) has...

Specimen 19

Tibia/Fibula. Gunshot fracture of both bones with union by abundant callus. Fragments of necrotic bone and muscle were retained in wound, causing prolonged abscess formation....

Specimen 14

Tibia/Fibula. Inferior portion of leg showing fracture of the fibula; the space between the two bone fragments was originally filled by soft tissue.

Specimen 11

Humerus. The distal end shows superficial necrosis (FIG. 1). Much of the proximal portion shows a thin layer of new bone secondary to periosteal inflammation as a result of osteomyelitis.


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