Specimen 5

Ribs. Portions of 11th and 12th ribs showing fractures and adjacent callus (FIG. 1).


Word over all, beautiful as the sky,...

Specimen 12

Femur. Tubular sequestrum from amputated stump....

Specimen 2

Tibia/Fibula. The tibia consists almost entirely of a sequestrum surrounded by a thick involuculum. The origin of several sinuses (FIG. 1) are evident on the surface. The fibula is united to the...

Specimen 7

Femur. Fracture of the upper third of the shaft with poor apposition, united by irregular callus....

A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknown

  A march in the ranks hard-prest, and the road unknown, A route through a heavy wood with muffled steps in the darkness, Our army fil’d with loss severe, and the sullen remnant retreating,

Specimen 15

Femur. Oblique gunshot fracture. Upper and lower portions of the bone are separated, but united by callus in several places. Injury sustained at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863.

William Hammond

 Surgeon-General William Hammond, c. 1862. - Library of CongressWilliam Hammond was born in Maryland in 1828 and received a degree in Medicine from the University of the City of New York in 1848.


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