William Hammond

 Surgeon-General William Hammond, c. 1862. - Library of CongressWilliam Hammond was born in Maryland in 1828 and received a degree in Medicine from the University of the City of New York in 1848.

Specimen 6

Skull. A slightly depressed fracture is evident adjacent to the fontanelle, associated with a small defect and a fracture line (FIG. 1) that runs anteriorly on the surface of the frontal bone.

Specimen 23

Femur. Stump showing a sequestrum partly covered by a conical involucrum....

Specimen 21

Femur. 2.5 inches of stump have been removed for "protrusion". The sequestrum has partially separated from the callus and the residual viable bone.

Specimen 4

Humerus. Comminuted fracture of lower half of right humerus just above the elbow....

Specimen 8

Humerus. The shaft consists almost entirely of sequestrum (FIG. 1), which is in the process of separation. An involucrum is absent on the anterior surface and only partially present posteriorly.

Specimen 25

Tibia/Fibula. Lower leg amputation....


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