Info for Posters and Talks

Information for Oral Presentations


Invited Talks (30 min.): 25 min. talk + 5 min. questions

Contributed Talks (15 min.): 12 min. talk + 3 min. questions

We have a packed schedule of excellent presentations. In order to keep to this schedule, the time limits will be strictly enforced. Please plan accordingly when putting together your presentation and use the coffee breaks and poster sessions to expand your discussions.

Additional Information for Oral Presentations

A Windows computer will be available to upload your talk (Powerpoint). Alternatively, you may use your own computer and connect directly. Connection is via VGA (there is no HDMI connector). We will try to have adapters available, but it is encouraged to bring your own.

Please come at least 30 min before the beginning of your session to test whether your file/computer functions properly. This is particularly important if you have videos.

The projection screen is formatted to an aspect ratio of 4:3. Powerpoint slides in that format fill the entire screen, whereas presentations formatted 16:9 will project fine, but will not exploit the entire height of the screen.

Information for Poster Presentations


Maximum dimensions of the poster: Height: 47" (119 cm) x Width: 41" (104 cm)

While the height is not as critical (if you don't mind the bottom of your poster hanging off the bottom of the poster board), the width is critical so as not to spread into your neighbor's space!

Poster Sessions

Two dedicated poster session are planned during the conference, and additional time to discuss posters is offered during coffee and lunch breaks.

Please stand by your poster at the dedicated times, in particular because poster judges will be judging during these times for two poster awards sponsored by Polymer Chemistry (RSC).


Poster mounting will be possible beginning on Monday, July 29th during the morning coffee break. Pins will be provided for poster mounting. Check the conference program for your poster number. Please remove your poster by Lunch on Wednesday, July 31st.

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