Message from the Director

Welcome to the McGill Centre for Viral Diseases.

Dr. Chen LiangThis new McGill research Centre builds on what the McGill AIDS Centre has accomplished in its 30-year glorious history under the leadership of Dr. Mark A Wainberg, and embraces research fronts on major viral diseases, including HIV/AIDS and COVID-19, that have heavy toll on population health at the global scale.

Over the years, HIV research teams at McGill have made fundamental contributions to the understanding of HIV replication and AIDS epidemic, the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection, the clinical care of HIV infected individuals, and education of the next generation of HIV researchers and health professionals. In addition to their tremendous success in the HIV field, McGill researchers have never neglected the heavy disease burdens imposed by other viral pathogens. They have established world-class research programs to investigate chronic viral infections, oncogenic viruses, influenza virus, emerging and re-emerging viruses including SARS-CoV-2. It is only natural to expand the mandate of the McGill AIDS Centre and evolve into a new Centre for Viral Diseases, to reflect the already broadened scope of virus research across McGill and continue to support our researchers and health professionals in the fight of the most pressing viral diseases and pandemics.

The McGill Centre for Viral Diseases does not operate alone. It prospers in the rich and dynamic research environment at McGill, cooperates with other McGill research Centres, benefits from the support from the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4) and the McGill School of Population and Global Health (SPGH). This new Centre also seeks for long-term and productive collaborations with virology research centres and institutes across Canada and worldwide.

Viral diseases, because of their highly contagious nature, can spread rapidly, not only devastate public health, but also derail social life and decelerate economy in a very short time, which we witness again with COVID-19. United under the McGill Centre for Viral Diseases, we are committed to provide solutions to these viral diseases and pandemics through innovative research and world-class education.

The chapter of McGill AIDS Centre closes only to open a new page. I look forward to working with all members together to write a new chapter of viral diseases research at McGill and beyond.


Chen Liang
McGill Centre for Viral Diseases

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