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Studentship Application

MCVD had the first call for studentship application in November 2022. The goal is to support graduate students whose projects are collaborative in nature. Total 11 applications were received. After being reviewed by three experts in the field of viral diseases, four applications are approved for funding. The awardees are:


Edwin Caballero, supervised by Petronela Ancuta, Andrew Mouland

Fanyu Xiu, supervised by Mathieu Maheu-Giroux, Sharmistha Mishra

Moustafa Laymouna, supervised by Bertrand Lebouché, Tibor Schuster

Mariam El Sheikh, supervised by Marina Klein, Dimitra Panagiotoglou

Kristina Nikolaou, supervised by Maziar Divangahi, Marcel Behr (declined)

These awards are generously supported by the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4).


Congratulations to our awardees!


Below are the highlights of their exciting research projects.

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Monkeypox Virus Infection in Humans across 16 Countries — April–June 2022

The first large detailed description of the worldwide 2022 monkeypox outbreak is published in The New England Journal of Medicine. An international collaborative group of clinicians report 528 infections diagnosed between April 27 and June 24, 2022, at 43 sites in 16 countries. In this case series, monkeypox manifested with a variety of dermatologic and systemic clinical findings. The simultaneous identification of cases outside areas where monkeypox has traditionally been endemic highlights the need for rapid identification and diagnosis of cases to contain further community spread.


Dr. Andrew Mouland receives an NIH Grant

Congratulations to the MCVD member Dr. Andrew Mouland and his co-investigator Dr. Leslie Parent (Penn State), who recently received a highly prestigious Grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH)/National Institute on Drug Abuse. The investigators received a type R21/R33 grant that supports a two-phased award without a break in funding, beginning with the R21 phase for milestone-driven exploratory or feasibility studies with a possible transition to the R33 phase for expanded development. The grant-supported research is looking to investigate the role of biomolecular condensates in regulating HIV-1 viral ribonucleoprotein complex formation in the setting of substance use disorder. Dr. Mouland and Dr. Parent describe their research proposal as such: “Our ongoing work has characterized many ways in which HIV-1 and emerging viruses co-opt host cell machineries to counteract host cell anti-viral stress responses. This award will help us, in the context of an international collaboration, address key gaps in knowledge on how HIV-1 generates nuclear biomolecular assemblies to its advantage. The work uses sophisticated molecular techniques that will potentially lead to novel therapeutics and information on how to cure HIV-1. “

We are very proud to have such distinguished members in our organization and wish Dr. Mouland and Dr. Parent the best of luck in their exciting research endeavor!


Newsroom (March 31 2020)

Newsroom - tackling more COVID questions

Tackling more COVID questions

McGill medical experts returned for a follow up webcast to address an ever-growing range of questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on us as individuals and as a community.

Dr. Marcel Behr, Co-Director, McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (Mi4) and Interim Director of McGill Infectious Diseases Division

Dr. Timothy Evans, Inaugural Director and Associate Dean of the School of Population and Global Health, Faculty of Medicine

Newsroom (Feb 5 2020)

Newsroom - fact and fiction with Dr. Evans and Dr. Chen

Coronavirus in context

Separating facts from fiction with McGill experts

In this special online discussion, two of McGill’s leading health experts discuss the risks, challenges and long-term outlook surrounding the novel coronavirus outbreak. With: Dr. Timothy Evans, Inaugural Director and Associate Dean of the School of Population and Global Health, Faculty of Medicine Dr. Chen Liang, Interim Director of the McGill AIDS Centre and member of the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity Scientific Advisory Committee. 

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