Volume 24(1), 2014

Proceedings from the Sixth Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal (TOM) Workshop in Semantics

VOLUME 24(1) B. Buccola, M. Hamilton, A. McKillen, J. Tanner (eds.)  (Winter 2014)

Table of Contents

Amir Anvari

Some observations on bridging

Malaree Baraniuk

Aspect: A local or global account

Julie Goncharov

Comparing propositional attitudes

Daniel Goodhue

Intonation in yes-no responses

Maryam Hosseini Fatemi

The semantics of the Persion Object Marker -râ

Teodora Mihoc

The Romanian future-and-presumptive auxiliary

Sebastien Plante

Types of nominalized verbs in light verb constructiosn


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