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Volume 26(1), 2020

Topics in Kabyle Linguistics

Guest editors: Nico Baier, Jessica Coon, and Morgan Sonderegger

The papers in this volume developed after two Linguistic Field Methods courses held at McGill University in Montreal in 2016 and 2018. Papers in this volume include work that grew out of these courses, as well as contributions from attendees of an Amazigh Workshop held at McGill University in Spring 2019.

Table of Contents

Nicolas Baier, Jessica Coon, and Morgan Sonderegger

Introduction to Kabyle Linguistics

Karim Achab

Anti-Agreement in Amazigh (Berber) as Genitive Constructions

Nico Baier

The Person Case Constraint in Kabyle

Jurij Božić

Finite Control in Kabyle

Alexander Elias

Kabyle "Double" Consonants: Long or Strong?

Khokha Fahloune

On the status of subject and object markers in Kabyle: New evidence

Lydia Felice

On the Case System of Kabyle

Sarah Mihuc

Anti-agreement and resumption in Kabyle

Sarah Mihuc

Kabyle noun-initial a and the construct state

Hamid Ouali

Verb morphology, tense, and aspect in Tamazight

Justin Royer

Weak and strong definites in Kabyle

Beini Wang

Syllabification and Schwa Epenthesis in Kabyle

Volume 25(1), 2018

Heading in the right direction: Linguistic treats for Lisa Travis

Guest editors: Laura Kalin, Ileana Paul, and Jozina Vander Klok

This volume is a collection of papers contributed in honour of Lisa Travis and her incredible work. Not only does the McGill Graduate Working Papers in Linguistics committee wish her the best, but the committee received so many good wishes to impart on their behalf that they could not be listed on this page and are instead collected here.

Table of Contents

Diana Archangeli and Douglas Pulleyblank

Emergent phonology illustrated: Malagasy alternations

Mark Baker

Toward a Shared Syntax for Shifted Indexicals and Logophoric Pronouns

Jean Lewis Botouhely

Adjectifs du parler malgache du Nord : expression de la gradation

Jurij Božič

Phases at the Interface: A Phonological Cycle Need not be a Phase

Joyce Bruhn de Garavito

Knowledge of determiners in L2 Spanish: Evidence from noun drop

Henry Y. Chang

Object-control Deficiency and Causative Compensation in Some Formosan Languages

Tingchun Chen

Raising to object in Amis

Lauren Clemens

Niuean nākai as a negative verb: Implications for the derivation of V1 order

Jessica Coon

Distinguishing adjectives from relative clauses in Chuj (With help from Ch’ol)

Robert Henderson, Paulina Elias, Justin Royer, and Jessica Coon

The composition of stativity in Chuj

Nigel Duffield

‘Down, Down, Down’: how many layers can there be to Inner Aspect?

Elspeth Edelstein

Insight into English Non-Finite Complements from Adverb Climbing

Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine and Theodore Levin

Clitic pronouns and the lower phase edge

Isabelle Haïk

Condition B in NPN

Mark Hale

The Origins of Rampant, Regular Haplology in the Marshallese Verbal System

Henrison Hsieh and Yining Nie

Where (and what) the Tagalog kung-CPs are

Kyle Johnson

Deriving Principle B

Laura Kalin

Complex verbs and wordhood in Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic)

Daniel Kaufman

Inner and outer causatives in Austronesian: A diachronic perspective

Edward L. Keenan

Two Notes on Copy Structures in Malagasy

Jaklin Kornfilt

Adjacency and (apparent) lack thereof in Turkish DOM

Paul Kroeger

Stem-prefixes and ditransitive alternations in Kimaragang

Paul Law

A first look at Tagalog modals

David Lebeaux

The unit condition in idioms

Diane Massam, Fulang Chen, and Crystal Hai Ying Chen

Non-synthetic synthetic compounds in Niuean

Mikinari Matsuoka

A “split-ergativity” phenomenon in an accusative language: A note on the Japanese progressive

Heather Newell and Maire Noonan

A Re-portage on spanning; Feature Portaging and Non-Terminal Spell-Out

Dimitrios Ntelitheos

Exploring the l-syntax/s-syntax divide

Yuko Otsuka

Apparent Raising in Tongan

Ileana Paul

The features of proper determiners in four varieties of Malagasy

Matt Pearson

Observations on the Prefix t- in Malagasy

Glyne Piggott

Cyclic word formation and word augmentation: keeping phonology out of morphology

Eric Potsdam

Extraposition Patterns in Malagasy

Baholisoa Simone Ralalaoherivony et Jeannot Fils Ranaivoson

L’antéposition du sujet dans un syntagme de forme phrastique

Norvin Richards

Coaxing the operators out of hiding: Contiguity Theory and the 'hard nuts'

Mamoru Saito

Kase as a weak head

Mina Sugimura

The Role of Head Movement in Structural Realization: V-te V vs. V-ni V Constructions in Japanese

Tomokazu Takehisa

On thematically underspecified arguments

Christine Tellier

Modality and complementer choice in French infinitives

Mireille Tremblay and Monique Dufresne

The Reanalysis of Schwa in Old French Determiners: Gender, Number and the Nominal Spine

Elly van Gelderen

Inner and outer aspect in language change: the case of stun

Jozina Vander Klok

Reconsidering the syntax of Javanese wis ‘already’

Mikael Vinka

Variations in Quantifier Interactions in South Saami Heritage Speakers

Susi Wurmbrand

Tagalog tough movement is easy

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