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VOLUME 24(1) 
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VOLUME 20(1)
VOLUME 19(2)
VOLUME 17(1)
VOLUME 16(2): T. Grüter & M. Yoo (eds.)

VOLUME 24(1): Proceedings from the Sixth Toronto-Ottawa-McGill Workshop in Semantics

B. Buccola, M. Hamilton, A. McKillen, & J. Tanner (Winter 2014)

VOLUME 23(1): Proceedings from the First Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton Workshop in Syntax

A. McKillen & B. Buccola (Summer 2013)

VOLUME 22(1): Proceedings from Phonology in the 21st Century: In Honour of Glyne Piggott

 J. Loughran & A. McKillen (Winter 2012)

VOLUME 21(2): E. Dobler, A. Belikova & M. Lieberman (Winter 2007)

A. Belikova. Acquisition of the Lexicon-Syntax Parameter in L2 French: Preliminary Studies
G. Beritognolo. Argentinian Spanish Vulgar Minimizers
C. McCarthy. Social Correlates of Vowel Shifting in Chicago: A Pilot Study
T. R. Skinner. A Post-Spell-out Explanation of Variation in Reduplication

VOLUME 21(1) E. Dobler & Y. Furukawa (eds.) (Summer 2006)

A. Belikova. On the Structure of Attributive APs: Preliminary Studies.
E. Khordoc. A Revised Theory of Incorporation for French Causatives.
J. Mah. Finding Unity in Patterns of Sibilant Harmony.
R. Mercado. Remnant Movement and V1 in Tagalog.
T. R. Skinner. A Problem for Parallelism in Antecedent-Contained Deaccenting.

VOLUME 20(2): E. Dobler & Y. Furukawa (eds.)

B. M. Bjorkman. Shuswap Double Reduplication and Input-Reduplicant Faithfulness.
C. McCarthy. What's Missing from Missing Inflection?: Features in L2 Spanish.
G. Piggott & H. Newell. Syllabification and the Spell-Out of Phases in Ojibwa Words.
A. Teodorescu. The Verb Complex in Romanian: A Case Study on the Interaction between Morphology and Syntax.
N. Tomioka. Manner and Event (De)composition.

VOLUME 20(1): R. Mercado & Y. Furukawa (eds.)

S. Gaillard. The Status of Functional Categories in L2 French: Comprehension versus Production.
J. L. Mills. Finding the Middle in maka-: Tagalog Morphology Offers New Insight on Middle Syntax.
I. Tolskaya. Possessives and Destinatives in Udeghe.
N. Tomioka. Resultative Serial Verb Constructions and Resultative V-V Compounds.

VOLUME 19(2): R. Mercado & Y. Furukawa (eds.)

M. Mazzotta. L2 Acquisition of Japanese Case Drop.
H. Newell. The Phonological Phase.
L. Nossalik. The A/A'-Status of Russian Scrambling.
T.R. Skinner. Cyclic Derivation in Partial Wh-Movement.

VOLUME 19(1): H. Newell & Y. Furukawa (eds.)

L. Bolton. Control in Evenki Converbs.
Y. Furukawa. The Specificity Condition as Crossover.
H. Goad & L. White. Ultimate Attainment of L2 Inflection: Effects of L1 Prosodic Structure.
Y. Kayama. The L1 Acquisition of Null Objects in Japanese.

VOLUME 18(2): T. Grüter & T. Takehisa (eds.)

T. Grüter. Another Take on the L2 Initial State: Evidence from Comprehension in L2 German.
C. McCarthy. Reconstruction and Condition C: Some Unexpected Symmetries.
G. L. Piggott. The Representation of Extrametricality.
C.-H. T. Wu. Some Notes on Resultative Constructions: On Flip-Flop Constructions.

VOLUME 18(1): T. Grüter & T. Takehisa (eds.)

H. Ben Ayed. Subjunctive Particles in Arabic and Balkan Languages.
N. Duffield and A. Matsuo. Acquiring Competent Gradience: Factoring out the Parallelism Effect in VP-Ellipsis.
T. Takehisa. Possession and Possessor Raising in Japanese.
M. L. Ungureanu. On DP Structure in Romanian.

VOLUME 17(2): T. Grüter & T. Takehisa (eds.), Special Issue Dedicated to Lara Riente

E. Kehayia. Tribute to Lara Riente
L. Riente. Ladies First: The Pivotal Role of Gender in the Italian Nominal Inflection System.
E. Kehayia, L. Riente, B. Gillon, and V. Taler. Computation of the Grammatical Categories in Sentential Context: A Psycholinguistic Study.
J. D. Bobaljik. Auspicious Compounds.
A. Gurel. End-state L2 Acquisition of Binding of Overt and Null Pronominals in Turkish.
M. Kozlowska-Macgregor. L2 Acquisition of Aspectual Distinctions in Polish.
E.W. Mellander. On the Interaction of Stress, Vowel Epenthesis, and Syllable Weight.
Y. Rose. Markedness and Word-final Consonant Syllabification: Evidence for Acquisition.
L. White, E. Valenzuela, M. Kozlowska-Macgregor & Y. I. Leung. Gender Agreement in L2 Spanish: Evidence Against Failed Features.

VOLUME 17(1): T. Grüter & T. Takehisa (eds.)

S. Conradie. Parameter Resetting in the Second Language Acquisition of Afrikaans: The SIP and the V2 Parameter.
E. Mellander. A Unified Account of Positional Asymmetries in Metrical Domains.
G. L. Piggott. Invariance and Variability in Nasal Harmony.
E. Valenzuela. The Status of Topic Constructions in L2 End State Spanish

VOLUME 16(2): T. Grüter & M. Yoo (eds.)

H. Ben Ayed. Subjunctive Clauses and the Status of the Particle /an in Modern Standard Arabic. K. Brannen. Auditory Distance in Second Language Perception.
T. Gruter. Why Thomas is Tomu and Markus Kusu: An OT Account of Hypocoristics in Bernese Swiss German.
T. Uchiumi. On the Multifunctional -rare and the Potential -re in Japanese: The Distributed-Morphological Approach.

VOLUME 16(1): J. Steele & M. Yoo (eds.)

W. Cardoso. A Quantitive Investigation of Variation in Across-Word Regressive Assimilation in Picard.
H. Goad & Y. Rose. Input Elaboration and Head Faithfulness in Acquisition.
A. Pereltsvaig. On Thematic Relations in Copular Sentences.
G. Poliquin. Crossing Paths: Interweaving Quantification and Word Order in Mandarin Chinese.

VOLUME 15(2): J. Steele & M. Yoo (eds.)

L. Goldberg. On the Obligatory Nature of Verb and Subject Movement in Modern Hebrew: A Comparison of Borer (1995) and Shlonsky (1997).
S. Inagaki. Motion Verbs with Locational/Directional PPs in English and Japanese.
E. Mellander. A Prosodic Account of Rhythmic Shortening and Stress in Central Slovak.
J. Mortimer. Explicit/Implicit Modularity in Right Hemisphere Pragmatics.
J. Steele. Ultimate Attainment in L2 Syllabification.

VOLUME 15(1): J. Steele & M. Yoo (eds.)

H. Goad & K. Brannen. Syllabification at the Right Edge of Words: Parallels Between Child and Adult Grammars.
M. Kozlowska-Macgregor. Syntactic and Semantic Operations Within the Two Domains of the Aspectual Structure of Polish.
J. Mortimer. The Role of Explicit Memory in Supporting the Bilingual Lexicon.
A. Pereltsvaig. Are All Small Clauses Created Equal? Evidence from Russian and Italian.
J. A. Walker. Prosodic Optimality and Variability in English Auxiliaries.

VOLUME 14 (1,2): Y. Rose & J. Steele (eds.)

H. Akahane. Do-Support and Tier Scansion: An Autosegmental-Minimalist Approach to HMC(/RM) Phenomena.
M. Fadda. An Introduction to Category Theory for the Linguistically Minded Reader.
P. ten Hacken. Two Lexical Perspectives on the Reusability of Lexical Resources.
J.-S. Kim. Contrastive Focus in Gapping.
E. Mellander. A Sonority-Based Account of Vowel-Zero Alternations in Czech and Slovak.
A. Pereltsvaig. The Genitive of Negation and Aspect in Russian.
J. Rafel. The Take DP for XP Constructions.
Y. Rose. Licensing and Head-Dependent Relations in Explaining Partial Deletions in Loanword Phonology.
J. Sabel. The Minimal Link Condition and the Typology of Island Violations.

VOLUME 13 (1,2): S. Montrul & R. Slabakova (eds.). Proceedings of the 1997 Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference

T. Al-Kassey & L. Sanchez. The role of Object Clitic Doubling in the L2 Acquisition of Spanish.
S. Armon-Lotem. Root Infinitives in Child Second Language Acquisition.
S. Curtin, H. Goad & J. Pater. The Role of Contrast in Second Language Phonology: The Lexical Acquisition of Thai Voice and Aspiration by Speakers of English.
L. Dekydtspotter, A. Sprouse & B. Anderson. Convergence in L2 Acquisition: English-French Interlanguage Development of Nominals
N. Duffield, S. Curtin, and L. Sabourin. UG Constraints on Derivational Morphology in SLA.
M. A. Escobar. On Spanish Relative Clauses and L2 Acquisition.
M. Hirakawa. Deep versus Surface Unaccusativity in L2 Japanese.
K. Kanno. The Quality of UG in the Interlanguage of Adult L2 Learners.
U. Lakshmanan & B. Lindsey. The Genitive of Negation and the Position of NegP in the L2 Acquisition of Russian.
C. Lefebvre. The Respective Contribution of L1 and L2 in the Creation of L3: The Genesis of Creoles, A Particular Case of Second Language Acquisition.
J. Liceras, E. Valenzuela & L. Diaz. Morphological Paradigms and Syntax: Null and Overt Agreement in L1 and L2 Acquisition of Spanish.
P. J. Masullo. Markedness, UTAH and the Acquisition of Dative Constructions.
S. A. Montrul. Learning Transitivity Alternations in Spanish as a Second Language.
P. Prevost. Truncation in Early Child SLA: Evidence from L2 French and German Production Data.
B. Riemer. Spanish Imperfecto and Subordinate Clauses in SLA by German Adults.
T. Schreiber & R. A. Sprouse. Knowledge of Topicalization and Scrambling in English-German Interlanguage.
R. Slabakova. A Parametric Approach to the L2 Acquisition of Aspect.
M. Thomas. Corderos Insight in the Context of Medieval and Early Renaissance Language Science.
A. Vainikka & M. Young-Scholten. Person Agreement in L2 German.
B. Yuan. Acquisition of the Chinese Reflexive ziji by English and Japanese-speaking Learners.
L. White. Second Language Acquisition and Binding Principle B: Child/Adult Differences.

VOLUME 12 (2): M. K. Robb & S. Montrul (eds.)

H. Akahane. Resultative Constructions: A Unified Approach.
Y. Hirakawa. Case Checking and a Double Nominative Construction in Japanese.
M. Kizu. A Syntactic Approach to Unaccusative Mismatches.
C.-Y. T. Pi. Adjectival Modification at a Distance in English Noun Phrases.
G. Rosenau. How come versus Why: Subject-Auxiliary Inversion in English.

VOLUME 12 (1): M. K. Robb & S. Montrul (eds.)

D. Chen. The L2 Acquisition of the Chinese Reflexive ziji.
V. D. Dwivedi. Modality and Discourse Processing.
B. S. Gillon. Donkey Anaphora and a Puzzle due to C. S. Peirce.
G. L. Piggott. Reconfiguring Harmony.
P. Prevost. The Second Language Acquisition of the Split CP Structure.
L. White, M. Hirakawa & T. Kawasaki. Second Language Acquisition of Long Distance Reflexives: Effects and Non-effects of Input Manipulation.

VOLUME 11 (1,2): M. K. Robb & S. Montrul (eds.)

D. Chen. Chinese Psych Verbs: An Analysis without NP-Movement.
T. Kawasaki. Voicing and Coda Constraints.
C. Paradis and D. LaCharite. Saving and Cost in Loanword Adaptation: Predictions of the TCRS-Phonological Model.
R. Slabakova. Bulgarian Psych Verbs - A Case for Distributed Morphology.
H. Tanaka. Right-Dislocation in Japanese.

VOLUME 10 (1,2): J. Matthews (ed.). Special Issue on the Linguistic Aspects of Familial Language Impairment

M. Gopnik. The Family.
L. Polka. Categorial Perception of Voice Onset Time in Language-Impaired and Unimpaired Adults.
H. Goad & M. Gopnik. Perception of Word-Final Consonants in Familial Language Impairment.
G. L. Piggott & M. Kessler Robb. Prosodic Organization in Familial Language Impairment: Evidence from Stress.
H. Goad & C. Rebellati. Pluralization in Familial Language Impairment.
B. Gillon & M. Gopnik. Grammatical Number in Subjects with Familial Language Impairment.
J. Dalalakis. English Adjectival Comparatives and Familial Language Impairment.
M. Gopnik. Impairments of Syntactic Tense in a Familial Language Disorder.
M. Ullman & M. Gopnik. Past Tense Production: Regular, Irregular and Nonsense Verbs.
L. Hadzipetros, M. Crago & M. Gopnik. Processing Verb Tense in Familial Language Impairment.
E. Kehayia. Whole-Word Access of Decomposition in Word Recognition in Familial Language Impairment: A Psycholinguistic Study.
M. Gopnik. The Articulatory Hypothesis: Production of Final Alveolars in Monomorphemic Words.
M. Gopnik. The Auditory Perception/Processing Hypothesis Revisited.
M. Paradis & M. Gopnik. Compensatory Strategies in Familial Language Impairment.
S. Fukuda & S. Fukuda. To Voice or Not to Voice: The Operation of Rendaku in the Japanese Developmentally Language Impaired.
S. Fukuda. The Representation of Japanese Complex Verbs in the Lexicon: Evidence from Japanese Disphasics.
M. Crago & S. Allen. Morphemes Gone Askew: Linguistic Impairment in Inuktitut.
J. Dalalakis. Familial Language Impairment in Greek.

VOLUME 9 (1,2): J. Matthews & L. White (eds.). Special Issue on Language Acquisition

S. Allen & M. Crago. The Acquisition of Passives and Unaccusatives in Inuktitut.
M. Hirakawa. Null Subjects versus Null Objects in an Early Grammar of Japanese.
C. Brown & J. Matthews. Acquisition of Segmental Structure.
S. Bennett & L. Progovac. Evidence of Transfer and UG in Second Language Acquisition of Reflexive Binding.
J. L. S. Bruhn-Garavito. L2 Acquisition of Verb Complementation and Binding Principle B.
N. Grondin & L. White. Functional Categories in Child L2 Acquisition of French.
A. Juffs. Knowledge of Semantics-Syntax Correspondences in Second Language Acquisition.
C. Brown. The Role of the L1 Grammar in the L2 Acquisition of Segmental Structure.
J. Pater. Theory and Methodology in the Study of Metrical Parameter (Re)Setting.

VOLUME 8(2): J. Matthews (ed.). Special Issue on Phonology

C. Brown. The Feature Geometry of Lateral Approximants and Lateral Fricatives.
J. S. Matthews. Phonological Theory and Segmental Deficits in Aphasia.
J. Pater. Syllable Weight and Stress in English: Optionality and Optimality.
G. L. Piggott. Satisfying the Minimal Word.
D. Rodler. The Template for Intensive Reduplication in Afar.
S. Rose. Inflectional Affix Order in Ethio-Semitic and Phonological Form.

VOLUME 8(1): J. Matthews (ed.)

J. Bonneau & M. Zushi. Quantifier Climbing, Clitic Climbing, and Restructuring in Romance.
G. L. Piggott. The Visibility and Invisibility of Epenthetic Syllables.
J. Voskuil. Verbal Affixation in Tagalog (and Malay).

VOLUME 7(2): J. Matthews (ed.)

A.-M. Brousseau. Representations semantiques et projections syntaxiques des instrumentaux en Fon.
E. Cowper. Inner Tense in English: Perfect and Progressives.
C. Lefebvre. Double Objects in Fon.
A. Libert. On the (Non-)Existence of Lexical Case.
A. Rochette. Selectional Restrictions and Event Structure.

VOLUME 7(1): J. Matthews (ed.)

S. Bennett. Anaphora in Serbo-Croatian.
A. Juffs. Reciprocals in Chinese.
G. L. Piggott. Empty Onsets: Evidence for the Skeleton in Prosodic Phonology.
M. Zushi. Comprehension Disturbances in Japanese Aphasics.

VOLUME 6(2): J. Matthews & B. Shaer (eds.)

C. Alphonce. Issues in the Characterization of Agrammatism in Terms of Linguistic Theory.
J.-C. Beaumont. Le Genetif en Allemand: Etude Pilote et Interpretation Sociolinguistique.
J. Bonneau. Logical Form and an Analysis of the Matching Effect in Free Relatives.
S. Franks & N. Hornstein. Governed PRO.
C. Paradis & J.-F. Prunet. The Coronal vs. Velar Placelessness Controversy.

VOLUME 6(1): B. Shaer (ed.)

M. Campana. The Chamorro Morpheme ma-.
E. Guifoyle, H. Hung & L. Travis. SPEC of IP and SPEC of VP: Two Subjects in Malayo-Polynesian Languages.
H. J. Hung. [ATR] Harmony in Yapese.
A. Maclachlan. The Morphosyntax of Tagalog Verbs: The Inflectional System and Its Interaction with Derivational Morphology.
J. Waite. Tough- and Pretty-movement in Maori.
D. Fekete & Z. Laubitz (eds). Special Issue on Germanic Syntax
J. Anward. Verb-Verb Agreement in Swedish.
M. Baker. Against Reanalysis of Heads.
P. Coopmans & M. Everaert. On the Nature of Complex Causative Idioms.
H. Czepluch. Case Patterns in German: Some Implications for the Theory of Abstract Case.
A. Holmberg. The Head of S in Scandinavian and English.
K. Johnson. Verb Raising and Have.
J. Maling. Variation on a Theme: Existential Sentences in Swedish and Icelandic.
M. Noonan. Superiority Effects: How do Antecedent Government, Lexical Government and V2 Interact?
C. Platzack. The Emergence of a Word Order Difference in Scandinavian Subordinate Clauses. H. van Riemsdijk. Against Adjunction to the Head.
L. Ruyter. Bare Infinitivals, INFL and Pseudo-progressives in Dutch.
L. Travis. The Syntax of Adverbs.
A. Vainikka. Two Comparative Constructions.

VOLUME 5(2): B. Shaer (ed.)

S. Allen. Noun Incorporation in Eskimo: Postpositions and Case Marking.
M. Baker. How Complex Words Get Their Properties.
J. Bonneau. The status of Laryngeal Consonants in Mohawk.
M. Campana. Towards a Configurations Analysis of Amerindian Languages: Evidence from Ojibwa.
A. R. Libert. A Note on a Problem of Case Marking in Miwok.
D. Mellow. On Triggers: A Parameter-setting Approach to the Cree Acquisition of a Free Word Order Language.
G. L. Piggott. The Parameters of Nasalization.

VOLUME 5(1): Z. Laubitz & E. Guilfoyle (eds.) (Fall 1988)

C. Paradis. Towards a Theory of Constraint Violations.
M. Picard. Natural Sound Change and the Case of Armenian Erk.
H. J. Hung. Affixation and Argument Structure in Malay.
A. R. Libert. Going from the Allative Towards a Theory of Multiple Case-Marking.
S. Rosenthall. Syllabification and Representation in Sinhalese Phonology.
L. White. Implications of Learnability Theory for Second Language Teaching and Learning.
M. Campana. Mood and Binding in Palauan.

VOLUME 4(2): Z. Laubitz & E. Guilfoyle (eds.) (Spring 1997)

E. M. Styan. Two Bes or not Two Bes.
M. Machobane. The Sesotho Passive Constructions.
J.-C. Beaumont. LEmprunt en Arabe Marocain: Facteurs Sociolinguistiques dIntegration.
D. Lipscomb. A Reanalysis of Quechua and Inuktitut Complex Verb Formation.
L. Travis. Parameters of Phrase Structure.
C. Paradis. On Phonological Constraints.

VOLUME 4(1): Z. Laubitz & E. Guilfoyle (eds.)

C. Tellier. Predicative Quantifiers.
G. Jarema, E. Kehayia & J. Waite. Comprehension and Production in Two Greek Agrammatic Aphasics.
J. duPlessis, D. Solin, L. Travis & L. White. UG or not UG, That is the Question: A Reply to Clahsen and Muysken.
M. J. Davis. Base-Generation of NP-Structure.
A. Munn. Coordinate Structure and X-Bar Theory.
S. Mendelsohn. Identical Consonants across Word Boundaries in English.

VOLUME 3(2): E. Guilfoyle (ed.)

A. R. Libert. Government, Adjacency, and the Assignment of Nominative and Accusative Case in Turkish.
J.-C. Beaumont & A. Mikoun. Cas dEmprunt Syntaxique en Arabe Marocain.
J.-A. Gendron. Examining Argument Structures in Order to Explain Agrammatic Phenomena.
G. Lamontagne & L. Travis. The Case Filter and the ECP.
M. Nait Mbarek. Marche Linguistique et Rapports Diglottiques: Le Cas du Maroc.
C. Paradis. Morphological and Phonological Investigations in Fula: Class Markers.

VOLUME 3(1): E. Guilfoyle (ed.)

L. White. Island Effects in Second Language Acquisition.
C. Tellier. On the Tone Pattern of Sino-Japanese Compounds.
D. Rodier. Compensatory Lengthening Versus Gemination in Ancient Greek.
E. Guilfoyle. Modals, Prepositions, and Inherent Case Marking in Irish. 
Z. Laubitz. Childrens Use of Conjunctions as a Textual Marker.
M. Gopnik. A Featureless Grammar: A Case Study.
L. DeFreitas. Phonological Principles and the Theory of Syllable Structure.

VOLUME 2(2): G. Farrell (ed.)

A. Bailin & A. Grafstein. Configurationality and the Theta-Criterion.
D. Rodier. An Historical Analysis of Modals from Old English to Modern English.
J.-F. Prunet. Nasalization and Word-Syntax.
A. L. Baruzzi. Effects of Degree of Education on the Comprehension of Syntactic Structures in Normals and Aphasics.
T. Maniakas. Some Sociolinguistic Features of Modern Greek as Spoken in Montreal.
A.-M. Grignon. On the Structure of the Japanese Rime.
M. Picard. On Relative Chronology and Natural Sound Change.

VOLUME 2(1): G. Farrell (ed.)

L. White. Overgeneralization of the English Dative Alternation by Children.
E. Guilfoyle. The Acquisition of Tense and the Emergence of Lexical Subjects in Child Grammars of English.
S. Patnaik. Some Syllable-Based Phenomena in Oriya: A Non-Linear Approach.
J.-F. Prunet & C. Tellier. Interaction des Niveaux en Phonologie: LAbregement Vocalique en Pulaar.
I. B. G. Mackenzie & I. A. Melguk. English Constructions of the Type French-Built Widgets.
L. Cohen, C. Liao & A. R. Libert. Language Use Among Turkish-Canadians in Montreal.
M. French. Markedness and the Acquisition of Pied-Piping and Preposition Stranding.
I. Mazurkewich, F. Fister-Stoga, D. Mawle, M. Somers & S. Thibaudeau. A New Look at Language Attitudes in Montreal.

VOLUME 1(2): G. Farrell (ed.)

M. Arai. Evidence for Configurationality in Japanese.
Z. Laubitz. Two Issues in Translation Theory.
A. Bailin. Textual Propositions and Government-Binding Theory.
I. Bellert. A Problem with Semantic Interpretive Rules: A Particular Case of Reciprocals.
G. L. Piggott & R. Singh. The Empty Node in Phonology: An Analysis of Epenthesis. 
M. Picard. On the Rise and Fall of Rule Reordering and the Return of Analogy.
E. Matheson Styan. Theta-roles in the Lexicon.
E. Kehayia, D. Caplan & G. L. Piggott. On the Representation of Affixes by Agrammatic Aphasics.

1983 VOLUME 1(1): G. Farrell (ed.)

L. White. Markedness and Parameter Setting: Some Implications for a Theory of Adult Second Language Acquisition.
E. Guilfoyle. Habitual Aspect in Hiberno English.
E. Van Gelderen. (I)t.
N. Domingue. Syntactic Innovations in Mauritian Bhojpuri.
L. Walsh. On the Learnability of Morphological Rules.
G. L. Piggott. Extrametricality and Ojibwa Stress.
J. Mead & H. Hagiwara. Argument Structure and Deverbal Compounds.

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