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The Musculoskeletal Research Lab has many internal and external collaborations between students, academics, and industry

PhD student for January 2020 or September 2021 start - Spine Biomechanics

Simulation of spinal stability via conventional FEA (ANSYS) and determination of governing stability source (muscles, pressure, etc.). Requirements: experience in biomechanics and utilizing finite element modelling.


PhD student or Post-Doc for immediate start - Surgical Simulation

The candidate should have experience in haptic design and implementation and will be working on integrating a haptic system into a real time physics driven virtual reality simulator. Briefly, the task will include:

·      spec out the haptic tools for production (to be connected to a commercial system);

·      design the bench side lay out and connections;

·      perform a kinematic study of surgery for laying out the tooling in the optimum haptic force torque location in workspace;

·      create a gravity compensation subroutine (to be run on the haptic driver) to compensate for tooling weight; and

·      create a velocity estimation routine for improved damping.


When applying to positions to the Biomechanics Laboratory, please reference the specific project that interest you and discuss your relevant experience. All applications must be submitted to the admission webpage. If interested in the above projects, select Prof. Driscoll as your preferred supervisor and tailor your "Personal Statement" towards the project specifics. After the application is submitted, you may notify Prof. Driscoll directly via mark.driscoll [at] (email).

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