Our universal testing machines are capable of applying all manner of loads to specimens. Compressive loading, tensile testing, cantilever testing, and fatigue testing are some examples of tests that can be performed. These machines are also capable of high-frequency testing and load or displacement controlled testing.


Instron ElectroPuls electric testing machine     

The Instron ElectroPuls electric testing machine and equipment is an electric testing machine capable of dynamic and static testing on multiple materials and components. It can perform tests on six degrees of rotation. Fatigue testing can be done through long test cycles. This machine can apply 10,000 N of compression and tension and over 100 Nm torsional capability to many different specimens.


MTS servo-hydraulic testing machine   

The MTS servo-hydraulic testing machine is a great option for failure testing.

Our milling machine and lathe are often used to build prototypes, along with fixtures and jigs that can be used for custom testing. These machines are operated manually.


South Bend milling machine and attachments   

The South Bend milling machine can be used to cut sideways and drill holes of any diameter into your material. It also has a dividing head to create angles and circular divisions.


Standard modern metal engine lathe   

The Standard Modern metal engine lathe make turning and facing possible. It can also make small diameter grooves accurately.

GE miniview 6800 fluoroscopy machine    Fluoroscopy attached to MTS Mini Bionix testing machine
The GE Miniview 6800 Fluoroscope is a perfect fit for sports medicine, orthopaedics, and veterinary medicine studies. The articulating arm, rotating arm and revolving C-arm provide maximum flexibility in positioning. Specimens can even be imaged during testing while mounted on a testing machine.

Formlabs 3D printer

Our Form 3L is a large 3D SLA printer which allows prints using various materials. 

Polhemus Fastrak motion tracking systems

We have multiple Polhemus motion tracking systems, which are used in various applications, ranging from robotics to simulation.

Kistler impulse hammer

Our Kistler Impulse Hammer allows impact force collection of up to 2000N. It can easily be outfitted for impact testings in cadaveric specimen.


National Instruments data acquisition board

We have a National Instruments data acquisition board which allows for data collection from various sensors using different connectors.

6-axis load cell sensor

The 6-axis load cell force/torque sensor can be easily attached to custom designed tools. This load cell can read 145N, 145N, and 290N forces along the x, y, and z axes, respectively. It can also read 5N-m torque in all directions.

We have a large collection of fresh frozen human spine specimens. Some of these specimens are complete. Others are only lumbar, thoracic, or cervical. Most specimens have radiographs and DEXA scans for bone mineral density. We also have a number of human femurs, as well as bovine and porcine spines and hips. These specimens are all used for medical research and education.


Double sink and storage shelves with necessary equipment for specimen preparation

Specimens are stored in a cold tissue bank area at the specimen direction station. When applicable, we have a separate section dedicated to defrosting specimens prior to soft tissue resection. Sometimes specimens are partially potted in PMMA to provide attachment points for testing fixtures prior to mechanical testing. All specimens are kept for a minimal period of time after a given study in a separate freezer.

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