Announcing the Donald E. Armstrong Building

The new home of the MBA & specialized Masters Programs

Renovations began at full pace starting in September 2017 in the Donald E. Armstrong Building, which now houses our MBA and Masters programs. Open for students in January 2018, the 48,666 sq. ft. expansion by EKM brings new dedicated teaching and learning spaces that benefit all in the Faculty.

Renovations began at full pace this September in the Donald E. Armstrong Building, which will house our MBA and Masters programs.

A Message from Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou

Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, Dean and Professor of FinanceAfter years of growth in our number of students, staff and professors, we clearly needed to expand. What used to be the McGill Bookstore building, adjacent to the Bronfman Building, is now undergoing a comprehensive, $17.6M renovation, inside and out, from top to bottom, so that it can become the new home for our MBA and specialized Masters programs.

I am delighted to announce that it will be named in honor of the professor who founded our MBA program, Don Armstrong, PhD’54 (1925-2011). It is fitting that our future honours our past.

A huge THANK-YOU to everyone who has contributed to the MBA Next 50 Campaign so far— whether toward MBA awards or the building. The building is being funded entirely by donor philanthropy, and it is wonderful to see our Desautels community in action, working to make it happen.

Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, Dean of Desautels Faculty of Management

Donald E. ArmstrongOur Future Honours Our History

Professor Don Armstrong, PhD’54 (1925-2011), contributed greatly to the University as a teacher, mentor, and leader and is remembered fondly by all who benefited from his wisdom.

As founding Director of the Graduate School of Business, he launched McGill’s MBA program in 1963. Professor Armstrong insisted that our MBA be interdisciplinary from day one and that its teachers include both talented academics and seasoned business professionals.

Naming the new home of the MBA in honour of Professor Armstrong is a fitting tribute, given his role in designing, leading and shaping McGill’s MBA program. Now the Donald E. Armstrong Building will catapult the MBA program forward for the next 50 years.

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