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La réouverture graduelle du campus du centre-ville se poursuit. Complément d'information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention.

The Grand Reveal - Hero Block

Campaign Goal

Campaign Goal

Campaign Progress as of August 14, 2018

36 new MBA awards

($2.33 million)

$16.2 million

*17.6 million is the projected renovation cost to fund the new building

Opportunities to make a difference

Thank-you! Donor support is shaping the MBA's future. Your support is crucial to our campaign’s success, and you can make an impact on students by making a contribution today.

Annual donations | Named award | Named spaces & rooms



Through 2018, annual donations to the Desautels Fund will automatically be directed to the renovation project. Thanks to the support of hundreds of donors, we have raised more than $300,000 dollars in annual fund contributions.


A named award changes a student’s life and is an opportunity to energize and support our impact makers of tomorrow.

  • Endowed MBA Awards are permanent awards for top students. These awards can be named for contributions of $250,000 and more.
  • Expendable MBA Awards can be named for contributions of $10,000 or more per year for 4 or more years.

For more information, contact Joy Bennett.

Donors have generously given key funding to create 36 new awards! Thank you to these visionary donors who have created named awards so far.

Contributors to Endowed MBA
Awards (since May 2015)

Bertrand Cesvet, BA’86, MBA’88

Marcel Desautels, LLD’07

Donna Drysdale, BEd’59

Dominic K.M. Lai, BSc’77, MBA’79

Paul Pugh, BSc’67, MBA’71

Samer Bekai-Saab, BEng’93, MBA’96

Mahesh Sharma, Dip Eng’68, MEng’72,
Dip Man’74, MBA’76

Bill Webb, MBA’93,
and Ming Fong Agnes Wong, MDCM’94


Contributors to Expendable MBA
Awards (since May 2015)

Amr Azhari, BA’91, BCL’95, MBA’95


Alberta Cefis, BA’75, MBA’79

Enrico Cremonese, MBA’15

Adam Dinkes, MBA’00

Paul Doumet, BEng’10, MBA’15

Ron Duerksen, MBA’01

Daniel Galvao, MBA’00

Josée Goulet, MBA’90

Philip Earle Jenkins, BEng’87, MBA’95

Hon Sum Ip, MBA’81

Brian Kelly, MBA’68

Eduardo Mandri, MBA’00

Neil Matheson, MBA’88

Rick McCreary, MBA’97

Scott McDonald, BCom’89

Islay, MBA’87, and Mike McGlynn, MBA’87

Pierre-Olivier Perras, MBA’97

David Reckziegel, MBA’87

Samira Sakhia, BCom’90, DPA’94, MBA’01

Julie Savaria, MBA’15

Liam Sobey, MBA’15

Markéta Spinkova, MBA’11

Timothy M. Thompson, MBA’90

Carole Teitelbaum, BA’83

Validus Risk Management / Kevin Lester, MBA’01

Yan, MBA’02 and Jian Wang, MBA’04

Chad Williams, BEng’89, MBA’93

Robert Zittrer, BCom’72


Named spaces and rooms in our new building will reflect our global brand image.

By naming a space, you will shape the educational experience of future students and raise their awareness of the importance of the alumni community.

Donald E. Armstrong Building

Thank-you to our Donors

The following donors help Desautels create a state-of-the-art, innovative facility that will incorporate leading-edge technology and enable our new building to be best possible learning environment for students.

Explore the remaining Renaming Opportunities

Contributors to the Donald E. Armstrong Building

Marcel Desautels (CM, O.Ont, LLD’07)

Seymour Schulich (BSc’61, MBA’65, DLitt’04)

Monica (BEd’81) and Mark Hantho (BCom’81)

The David Harquail Family

Michel Pettigrew (BCom’76) and Ferring Inc.

Don Lewtas (BCom’75)

Arthur Dalfen (BCom'60)

Sam Scalia (Cert Mgmt ’88, MBA’13) and Diana Ferrara (BSc NutrSc’92)

Lawrence Bloomberg (MBA’65)

Jon Hountalas (BCom’84, MBA’91)

Henry H. S. Lam (BCom'78)

Gerald Rimer (BCom’56)

Pierre Robitaille (MBA’66)

Michael (BCom’77, DPA’78) and Deborah Boychuk

Donald Greer (BCom’57) and Diana Porritt Greer (POT’56)

Anthony Lok (MBA'94) and Brenda Shek

Brian (BCom’79), Robert (BCom 1978, DPA 1980) and Julie Fetherstonhaugh (MBA’12)

MBA Class of 1975 Study Room: Supported by Terry Bowles, Robert Carrière and Luc Pinard

BCom Class of 1967

Alex Banh (BCom’93)

Claude Bédard (MBA’79)

Michael Butler (BCom’66) and Mary Usher-Jones (BA’67)

Louis Gendron (MBA’88) and Liana Guizzetti (MBA’88)

Dominic Lai (BSc’77, MBA’79)

Wang Tao Liang (BCom’66, MBA’68)

James Madon (MBA’84)

William Peers (BCom’66, MBA’68)

Norman Raschkowan (BCom’80, MBA’85)

David (MBA’80) and Cheryl (BCom’77, MBA’80) Stenason

Aaron (BCom’06) and Sharon Stern (BA’07)

Tim Thompson (MBA’90)

Christopher Mathisen (MBA’80)

John (BCom’65) and Mary Crocker

Validus Risk Management / Kevin Lester (MBA’01)

With further support from the Donors of the Hong Kong Alumni Meeting Room, the Shanghai Alumni Meeting Room and the Singapore Alumni Meeting Room.

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