Research Interests

George Demopoulos' Research Group October 2017

From left:
Fuqiang Guo, Research Associate; Han Wang, PhD; Zhuoran Wang, PDF; Belete Gonfa, PDF; Quentin Stoyel, MSc; Pramod Menezes, PDF; Konstantina Chalastara, PhD; Marianna Uceda, PhD; Francois Larouche, PhD; Jay Chiu, PDF; Moohyun Woo, PhD; Zhuoran Wang, PDF, Majid Rasool, PhD; Rana Yekani, PhD; Moohyun Woo, PhD; Christine Wei, PhD; Helen Zeng, PhD.



VIDEO LINK: MSSI Materials Research Program Presentation, November 2018.

VIDEO LINK: "Professor Demopoulos presents an overview of his energy material research at McGill's Lightning Talks on Sustainability (Fall 2016).

Our HydroMET-Hydrothermal Materials for Environmental and Energy Technologies Laboratory conducts research in the following areas:

  • Aqueous processing of inorganic materials
  • Cells for solar energy conversion (DSCs and CZTS) and storage (LIB-Li-ion batteries)
  • Solution synthesis and processing of energy nanomaterials and mesoporous electrodes
  • Aqueous precipitation and crystallization
  • Unit operations in hydrometallurgy
  • Clean environmental technologies
  • Electrochemical deposition and corrosion


Group and Current Projects

  • Rana Yekani, PhD, Perovskite solar cells
  • Marianna Uceda, PhD, Electrophoretic building of novel carbon/graphene/cathode electrodes
  • Majid Rasool, PhD, Electrochemistry of activated metal silicate cathodes and electrolyte interfaces
  • Moohyun Woo, PhD, High-voltage cathode materials
  • Francois Larouche, PhD, Recycling of lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • Huijing (Christine) Wei, PhD, Hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical evaluation of lithium metal silicate cathode materials
  • Yan (Helen) Zeng, PhD, Scalable aqueous synthesis of doped and core-shell silicate cathode materials
  • Konstantina Chalastara, PhD, Synthesis and environmental applications of nano-TiO2/ZVI composites
  • Han Wang, PhD, Thin film CZTS solar cells (co-supervised with N. Quitoriano)
  • Dr. Fuqiang Guo, Res. Associate, CSTR synthesis of nanocrystals and encapsulation studies of arsenate compounds
  • Zhuoran Wang, PDF, CZTS -TiO2 mesoscopic ETA solar cells and light-chargeable battery electrodes
  • Dr. Hsien-chieh (Jay) Chiu, PDF, Light-chargeable energy storage electrodes and Li-ion battery materials
  • Adrian Singer, BEng, Nano ZVI use in selenate reduction