Forthcoming publications

Zhuoran Wang; Hsien-Chieh Chiu; Andrea Paolella; Karim Zaghib*; George P Demopoulos, 2018, Lithium Photo-Intercalation of CdS-Sensitized WO3 Anode for Energy Storage and Photoelectrochromic Applications, ChemSusChem, DOI:10.1002/cssc.201803061R1

Articles in refereed journals

Marianna Uceda, Jigang Zhou*, Jian Wang, Raynald Gauvin*, Karim Zaghib*, and George P. Demopoulos, Highly Conductive NMP-free Carbon-Coated Nano-Lithium Titanate/Carbon Composite Electrodes via SBR-Assisted Electrophoretic Deposition, Electrochimica Acta (in press:

Yan Zeng, Hsien-Chieh Chiu, Majid Rasool, Nicolas Brodusch, Raynald Gauvin*, De-Tong Jiang*, Dominic Ryan*, Karim Zaghib*, and George P. Demopoulos, 2019, Hydrothermal Crystallization of Pmn21 Li2FeSiO4 Hollow Mesocrystals for Li-Ion Cathode Application, Chem. Eng. J., 359, 1592-1602.

Z. Wang, N. Brodusch, R. Gauvin*, G.P. Demopoulos, 2018, Lithium-Doped Cu2ZnSnS4 Superstrate Solar Cells with 5 % Efficiency – An Alternative to Thin film Kesterite Photovoltaics, Nano Energy, 53, 130-134.

Bin Wei, Xia Lu, F. Voisard, H. Wei, Hsien-Chieh Chiu, Y. Ji, Han Xiaodong, M. Trudeau*, Karim Zaghib*, G.P. Demopoulos, R. Gauvin*, 2018, "In-situ TEM Investigation of Electron Irradiation-Induced Metastable States in Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes: Li2FeSiO4 versus LiFePO4", ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1 (7) 3180-3189.

Zhuoran Wang, Nicolas Brodusch, Raynald Gauvin*, and George P. Demopoulos, 2018, Nanoengineering of the Cu2ZnSnS4-TiO2 Interface via Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3 for High Sensitivity Photodetectors and Solid State Solar Cells, J. Mat. Chem. A 6, 11507-11520

H. Wei, X. Lu, H. Chiu, B. Wei, R. Gauvin*, Z. Arthur, V. Emond, D. Jiang*, K. Zaghib*, and G. P. Demopoulos, 2018, Ethylenediamine-enabled sustainable synthesis of mesoporous nanostructured Li2FeIISiO4 particles from Fe(III) aqueous solution for Li-ion battery application, ACS Sust. Chem. Eng. 2018, 6 (6), pp 7458–7467

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Andrea Paolella, Cyril Faure, Giovanni Bertoni, Sergio Marras, Mirko Prato, Pierre Hovington, Abdelbast Guerfi, Basile Commarieu, Zhuoran Wang, Chandramohan George, Zimin Feng, George P. Demopoulos, Michel Armand and Karim Zaghib, 2017, Light-assisted delithiation of LiFePO4 towards photo-rechargeable Li-ion batteries, Nature Communications 8, Article number: 14643 (2017); doi: 10.1038/ncomms14643.

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Hsien-Chieh Chiu, Xia Lu, Jigang Zhou, Lin Gu, Joel Reid, Raynald Gauvin, Karim Zaghib and George P. Demopoulos, 2017, Capacity Fade Mechanism of Li4Ti5O12 Nanosheet Anode, Adv. Energy Mat., 2017, 7, 1601825; DOI 10.1002/aenm.201601825.

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Zhuoran Wang, Samir Elouatik and G.P. Demopoulos, 2016, Understanding the Phase Formation Kinetics of Nano-Crystalline Kesterite Deposited on Mesoscopic Scaffold via In-Situ Multi-Wavelength Raman Monitored Annealing, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2016, 18, 29435 – 29446.

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Conference presentations/papers

G.P. Demopoulos et al., 2018, “ In Situ Conductive Coating Strategies for Nanocrystal-Based Li-Ion Battery electrodes”, Americas International Meeting on Electrochemistry & Solid-State Science, The Electrochemical Society, Cancun, Mexico, October, 2018.

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Conference proceedings

François Larouche, George P. Demopoulos, Kamyab Amouzegar, Patrick Bouchard and Karim Zaghib*, 2018, Recycling of Li-Ion and Li-Solid State Batteries: The Role of Hydrometallurgy, in B. Davis et al. (eds.), Extraction 2018, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series, 2541-2553,

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