Language Requirements

All MA Students must have knowledge of either Arabic or Persian at the second-year level.

No credit will be given for ISLA 621D and/or ISLA 622D OR ISLA 641D and/or ISLA 642D.

It is recommended that, if you do not already have knowledge of the Arabic language, you take ISLA 621D in your first year, and ISLA 622 during the summer session, if it is available. Persian, on the other hand, is only offered at the Institute during September - April. You could also take language courses at another university.


If you already have previous knowledge of Arabic or Persian, you may write the Institute’s test to prove that your Arabic or Persian is at the second-year level. Please contact the Student Affairs Coordinator to set a date to write the exam.  If you are at the required level, you will be exempted from taking the language courses shown above. A form will be submitted for Enrolment Services (ES) indicating this, and a note that you have fulfilled the Arabic/Persian Language Requirement will be put on your transcripts by ES. This milestone completion will also be checked off in myProgress. 

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