Enkhuun Byambadorj, winner of the 2023 Albert Hirschman prize

Published: 9 June 2023

ISID congratulated Enkhuun Byambadorj, winner of the 2023 Albert Hirschman prize for best undergraduate essay in international development studies.  The selection committee for the prize writes:

Enkhuun Byambadorj has written a superb and original honours thesis, “A Typology of the Interactions Among International Human Rights Law, Nation-States, and Local Governments: A Case for the Expansion of Right-Bearing Undocumented Migrants.” Addressing existing scholarship on the tension between universal human-rights law and state obligations to undocumented migrants, Byambadorj draws critical attention to a third sphere, that of local governments and actors. She demonstrates that these three spheres are mutually constitutive, and together produce the circumstances in which migrants become rights-bearing subjects. Byambadorj shows great analytical and synthetic acumen in describing the workings of this third sphere, as well as remarkable vision in adumbrating its expansive potential as a “new frontier” in migrant rights. Her thesis consists of first-rate research presented with clarity and concision, and the committee recommends it enthusiastically for the Albert O. Hirschman Prize.

Enkhuun graduated with First Class Joint Honours in International Development Studies and Environment.

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