Developing Memory, Memories of Development

ISID invites you to its upcoming full-day conference at Thomson House, "Developing Memory, Memories of Development".  Full information and registration information can be found here: 


Still the Era of Neopluralism? Celebrating the legacy of Philip Oxhorn

Thursday, November 3, 2022 15:00toFriday, November 4, 2022 17:00
Thomson House Ballroom, 3650 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 1Y2, CA

Still the Era of Neopluralism?

Civil Society and the Social Construction of Citizenship in Latin America

Celebrating Philip Oxhorn’s legacy


November 3-4, 2022

McGill University


On November 3-4th 2022, ISID, ÉRIGAL, and the Canada Research Chair in Citizenship and Participation will be co-hosting a celebration of the scholarly contributions of ISID founding director, prominent Political Scientist, and Latin Americanist Philip Oxhorn at the Thomson House Ballroom at McGill University. Entitled “Still the Era of Neopluralism?”, the conference will interweave discussions of neopluralism with key themes of citizenship, democracy, development, and the public sphere in Latin America. We encourage all interested students, scholars, and members of the community to attend! See the below program for more information and register via our Eventbrite page (listed below). Please direct further enquires to Iain Blair at iain.blair [at]





3pm – Opening remarks
Celebrating Philip Oxhorn: On Civil Society and the Social Construction of Citizenship in the Study of Latin America


  • Jacob Levy, Political Science, McGill University
  • Erik Kuhonta & Manuel Balan, ISID
  • Françoise Montambeault, ERIGAL


3:30pm – Keynote address


  • Democracy, Inequality, and the Rise of Populism in the Americas.  Terry Lynn Karl, Stanford University


5pm – Cocktail





8:30am – Welcome coffee


Citizenship as Consumption, Citizenship as Agency


  • Citizenship, Participation and Civil Society: The Trajectory of Contested Concepts in Brazil.  Evelina Dagnino, UNICAMP
  • Where Did All the Parties Go? Social Protest, Civil Society and Representational Crises in Chile's (De)Constitutive Moment.  Kenneth M. Roberts, Cornell University
  • Citizenship as Consumption: The Urban Popular Movement in Mexico City.  Tina Hilgers, Concordia University


Neopluralism and Social Exclusion : Citizenship at the Margins


  • Citizenship as Agency or Rainbow Neopluralism? LGBT Activist Employees and the Argentine State.  Julie Moreau, UofT
  • Carework After two Decades of Democracy and Rapid Growth in Peru: Mothers as Citizens? Stephanie Rousseau, PUC-Peru
  • The Making of Immigrant Inequality: The Privileging of Cubans. Susan Eckstein, Boston University


12:30pm – Lunch Break


Neopluralism, the Public Sphere and the Challenges for Democracy


  • Media, the Public Sphere and Neopluralism in Latin America.  Michelle Bonner, UVic
  • Hybrid and Authoritarian Regimes in the Arab Middle East: Accounting for Variations in Types of Regime Transition during the Arab Spring.  Aviad Rubin, Haifa
  • Media Representation and the Challenges to Political Participation for Organized Social Groups in Latin America: Subnational Dynamics.  Julian Durazo Herrmann, UQAM


4:00pm-5:30pm – Closing roundtable

Chair: Manuel Balán, McGill University


  • Cynthia Sanborn, PUC-Peru
  • The Right Honorable Joe Clark, Munk School
  • Rohinton Medhora, CIGI
  • Philip Oxhorn
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