Development Studies Option graduate student Alec Regino published in the Washington Post

Published: 9Jun2020

Alec Regino, a graduate student in ISID's DSO (Development Studies Option) program, has penned an op/ed piece in the Washington Post on COVID-19 and the Duterte regime in the Philippines.  The...

ISID Professor of Practice Jamal Saghir on the post COVID-19 world and climate change

Published: 14Apr2020

ISID's Jamal Saghir has produced, in coordiation with the Payne Institute for Public Policy, a commentary paper entitled "Post COVID-19 New World Configuration and Climate Change Actions:  Two...

Launch of Uhuru, the McGill Journal of African Studies

Published: 30Mar2020

More than ever now, Africa is being studied, watched, admired, criticized and exported. In this continual movement of creating new understandings, dismantling biased thought systems and valuing...

Cancellation of all ISID events


All ISID guest speakers and events have been cancelled during this special period when the university is closed. /isidCategory: Inst. for the Study of International Development

Asylum's Technological Obstructions: Refugees as Forced Techno-Users & Governing Through Disorienting


A guest lecture by Martino Tazzioli of Goldsmiths, University of London, and part of the McGill Refugee Research Group Speakers Series.

ISID Open Letter: A New Policy Direction for Canadian International Development?

Published: 17Oct2019

      A New Policy Direction for Canadian International Development? An Open Letter to the New Government

ISID Congratulates Manuel Balán and Kazue Takamura, recipients of the Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Published: 4Nov2019

ISID's Professor Manuel Balán, jointly appointed with Political Science, and Professor Kazue Takamura, Faculty Lecturer, were both honoured with the Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching at...

ISID congratulates Professor Manuel Balán on his new edited volume, "Legacies of the Left Turn in Latin America"

Published: 11Feb2020

ISID is pleased to acknowledge the recent publication of Legacies of the Left Turn in Latin America:  the Promise of Inclusive Citizenship.  Co-edited by Professor Manuel Balán of ISID and...


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