Spotlight on Development Practice: Kim Samuel

Director of the Samuel Group of Companies and President of the Samuel Family Foundation

Working with the students has been the highlight of Kim Samuel’s time at ISID. From September to December 2016, she delivered an INTD 497 Seminar on Lessons of Community and Compassion: Overcoming Social Isolation and Building Social Connectedness Through Policy and Program Development.

Samuel has been pleased to participate in a range of events throughout her time at McGill. In October 2015, she delivered the McDonald-Currie Lecture and in February 2016 delivered a keynote address at the Executive Education Program delivered by ISID at the Caribbean Development Bank. In October 2016, she was pleased to convene the Global Symposium on Isolation and Social Connectedness, which was held at McGill University and included representatives from other leading academic institutions, NGOs and community organizations from 23 countries. In addition, she has worked to build partnerships within the greater Montreal area including delivering a weekly Seminar Series throughout the Fall of 2016 in collaboration with the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation and including many McGill students, instructors and faculty.

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