Intern Handbook

PDF icon ION Intern Handbook 2020-2021

PDF icon McGill International Experience Awards Handbook 2020-2021


PDF icon Award Certification Form (Fillable) [.pdf]

PDF icon General Consent Form (Fillable)

PDF icon McGill International Experience Awards Consent Form (Fillable)

PDF icon Internship Behaviour Form (Fillable) [.pdf]

PDF icon Personal Data Form (Fillable) [.pdf]

PDF icon Student Acceptance Form (Fillable) [.pdf]

PDF icon Travel Checklist [.pdf]

Office spreadsheet icon Budget Template [.xls]

Award Payment Information

Information for award recipients: All awards are paid through direct deposit to your Canadian bank account. All award recipients must have a bank account in Canada. In order for the award to be deposited, you must fill in the following updated information on Minerva at the latest two weeks after receiving notification of your award: bank information, your Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN), and a valid permanent address. Please follow the two steps below as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in your award processing being delayed. (NB: International students who do not have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN), please only complete step one).

Step 1: Access the Banking Information form on Minerva: Student Menu > Student Accounts Menu > Direct Deposit Bank Account, and enter the information under both Student-related and Payroll-related bank account information.

Step 2: Access the Social Insurance Number form on Minerva: Student Menu > Student Accounts Menu > Student Tax Menu > Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Step 3: Access the Addresses and Phones form on Minerva: Personal Menu > Addresses and Phones

Network Documents

To access content that is restricted to McGill Staff and Faculty only, please click on the login link below. After you login, you should be able to see "Network" in the side menu.



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