Faculty Internship Programs

Internships at McGill are managed by each faculty or school and will normally require students to be returning to the university after the completion of their internship. Most faculties offer undergraduate and graduate students internships, co-op programs (mining engineering and materials engineering), practicums and field studies. These can take place in Canada and abroad – in some cases for credit.

Best Practices for Internships and Co-op at McGill (Work Integrated Learning)

  • Has a defined start and end date and includes a job description.
  • Has clearly defined objectives and outcomes related to the student's field of study.
  • The student's work if supervised by a qualified on-site professional and feedback is shared with the student on a regular or ongoing basis.
  • Includes an on-site evaluation process at the conclusion of the internship.

For more information about faculty-specific programs, please consult the links below or the webpage of your program of choice. For more information about co-op at McGill, contact the Faculty of Engineering.

Information on internships for graduating students is available through McGill's Career Planning Services (CaPS)


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