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Cecile Baccanale joins McGill as University Veterinarian and Associate Vice-Principal, Animal Care

Published: 12Oct2022

It is my great pleasure to announce that Dr. Cecile Baccanale has accepted the position of McGill University Veterinarian and Associate Vice-Principal, Animal Care. Dr. Baccanale is also appointed...

It is never too early to take learn the basics of investing

Published: 6Oct2022

Everyone should have basic financial knowledge, even if they have not yet accumulated much wealth, according to Benjamin Croitoru, Finance Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs at...

The four-day work week can reduce turnover, reduce recruiting requirements

Published: 6Oct2022

About a year ago, Poche et Fils conducted a trial of the four-day work week that has since become permanent. Employees at the Montreal-based clothing companies receive the same pay as when they...

Strengthening communications networks will require many thousands of satellites

Published: 6Oct2022

About 11,000 satellites have been launched since the Sputnik went in to orbit in the 1950s, but less than a third of them are currently active. The coming years will see a proliferation, with an...

FemTherapeutics applies AI to an unmet need in women’s health

Published: 4Oct2022

Vaginal prosthetics known as pessaries are a critical tool for the maintenance of pelvic health in women. They are used as a first-line treatment for pelvic organ prolapse, a common condition that...

GSoft’s new onboarding platform aims to improve employee retention

Published: 3Oct2022

Competition for top talent is fierce, and effective onboarding is key to employee retention. It is especially challenging to get this right in a digital-first environment. “If you miss your...

Solfium app makes it easier to understand the costs and benefits of installing solar panels

Published: 3Oct2022

Solar energy has a great deal of potential – but the areas where it is produced are not always the same places the energy is needed most. That’s a barrier to widespread adoption, and Canadian...

Frontiers Planet Prize

Published: 30Sep2022

Recently launched by the Frontiers Research Foundation, the inaugural Frontiers Prize has as its goal, the acceleration of scientific solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet. The 2022...

Delve: How FinTech Lending to Small Businesses Opens the Door to Bank Loans, with Paul Beaumont

Published: 30Sep2022

Bank loans are the typical first step for most small and medium-sized businesses, but another form of business lending has emerged: FinTech companies that use algorithms to determine whether a...


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