Indigenous Studies in the News!

Published: 3 April 2018

This week the Indigenous studies program made the news in the McGill Daily and the Eastern Door!

The McGill Daily covered Chelsea Vowel's Books That Matter about her book "Indigenous Writes". If you missed the event, the article captures it's tenacity well!
In her trademark tongue-in-cheek style, Vowel discredits her own book as a bestseller.
“It is ridiculous, in 2018, that anything in that book comes as a surprise to anyone,” she declares,
calling it an introductory scope of Indigenous peoples in Canada — stuff we should already know.
“The fact that people can still open that up and go ‘Woah, I didn’t know that,’ means that we have
a really, really long way to go.”

Read the full article here.

The Eastern Door, an award winning paper based in Kahnawake, covered our Indigenous Knowledge Holder Ryan McMahon's visit to the Kahnawake survival school. Read the full article here.

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