[Weekly Film Series] "Born Into Brothels" (Briski, Kauffman, 2011)


Weekly Indigenous Films Series

February 15th    4-6 pm

Change of Venue  - in the Art Hive, 1st Floor, Education Bldg

3700 McTavish

This week’s film (Feb 15th) continues the discussion that began with the Brown Bag Lunch speakers series on Feb 8th – this film will also add to the discussion about difficult knowledge/subject matter and empowerment through the use of photography.

Born into Brothels, 2004 (written & directed by Zana Briski & Ross Kauffman, 85 min)

Born Into Brothels chronicles the story of the children of prostitutes in India’s city of Kolkata. Directors Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman enter the underworld of prostitution in Sonagachi, the red light district of Kolkata where they encounter children whose mothers work as prostitutes. Briski offers to teach the children photography in exchange for permission to photograph their parents. The film features the photographs the children capture, depicting daily life in the Sonagachi district. It also covers later events, including opportunities for the children’s education and exhibitions of the photographs they took.

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