Gender, Policy and Well-being in Circumpolar Contexts

The planet’s most northern areas have a lot in common, regarding, for example, climate, ecosystems and natural resources, and they share similar political and economic issues. These elements are often treated in similar ways – due to international laws or treaties – although domestic legislation might be different or contradicting: different values or points-of-view, and also the nature and dimension of these issues differ between the remote Arctic regions. One of the shared issues in the North is the position of girls and women along with the position of ethnic minorities and forces of migration. By bringing together scholars from different circumpolar countries (Sweden, Canada, Finland Norway and Russia), this two day event, Gender in Circumpolar: An International Workshop (October 5-6) convened by the Forum for Gender Studies, Mid-Sweden University in collaboration with McGill University  focused on gender, ethnicity and related social issues around the role of nation-states and regional political formations, and debated some of the challenges and visions for future strategies. The workshop sought to understand local examples of the multiple struggles for change going on by studying the lives of girls and women of different ages in circumpolar contexts. The purpose of the project overall is to promote extensive, policy-relevant dialogue on the meaning of ‘circumpolarity’ in different country contexts and gender issues in the Arctic region. We anticipate as we proceed that there will be critical intersections in our different country contexts as well as important differences that will serve to frame key questions in relation to the stories of equality and ideas about a good life in relation to gender and other inequality regimes. Themes related to gender equality touch upon issues such as rurality, place, violence, policies, risk, everyday life, health, human development and well-being.

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