Evidence-based, learning-centred education

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences embraces learning-centred education approaches that foster deep learning and values student engagement in the education mandate.

Toward a partnership model

The Faculty is advancing a learner-centred approach to education that sees students as active participants who are authentically engaged in the Faculty’s education enterprise. We are working to reduce emphasis on telling students about the curriculum, shifting instead to a partnership model in which teachers maintain the authority over content and educational programs while insuring that students are consulted and listened to.

Partnership Model

Action Plan: Themes being pursued

We are working toward actionable initiatives that were identified during an interdisciplinary brainstorming session held on February 2, 2017. These include:

  • Learning culture is influenced by the physical environment: space should align with philosophy; synergies are enhanced through flexible spaces (health professions and basic sciences).
  • Technology should be leveraged and used (e.g. blended learning) for a greater learning experience.
  • Student engagement should be authentic; valued, rewarded and influential.
  • A safe, supportive learning environment should be promoted in the clinical settings.
  • Teaching quality is not sufficiently valued in promotion and tenure considerations or in the distribution of resources by the Faculty and University.
  • Basic science space needs for teaching are not currently being addressed.
  • Doing it right: Contributing to all elements of the education continuum from generating evidence, training teachers, measuring benefit, and rewarding accomplishments. Support from the Centre for Medical Education, Faculty Development and the Assessment & Evaluation Unit will be important.

Read the full Education Strategic Plan (PDF).

Comments and participation is welcome throughout the Education Strategic Planning exercise and we can be reached via: admin-vdeducation.med [at] mcgill.ca (subject: ESP)

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