Graphos Fellowship Writing Support

Since 2015, Graphos has partnered with Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to offer tailored fellowship writing support for Banting postdoctoral and Vanier doctoral awards.  We happily note that nearly all successful candidates in both awards have participated in our workshop and/or review group.

Graphos Fellowship Writing Workshops (TBD)
Understanding how to weave a compelling narrative is key to producing a strong Banting or Vanier application.  This 1.5-hour workshop is led by a Banting or Vanier recipient in collaboration with the Graphos Coordinator.

Graphos Fellowship Review Groups (TBD)
Learning to offer and receive generous and constructive criticism are among the most important skills emerging scholars learn in graduate school.  By reading peers’ drafts, you get an opportunity to think about how a piece of writing can go from good to great—what you learn from reading their works-in-progress will make you a better writer.  Each review group consists of applicants from related disciplines and is convened by an award recipient.

Graphos Tomlinson Writing Support
Last year, we extended our fellowship writing support for a limited number of applicants to the prestigious Richard H.Tomlinson doctoral awards. Based on the success of that initiative, we will be offering an Tomlinson Information Session on Thursday, April 22, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. If you would like to attend, please complete the form here.



If you are interested in benefiting from Graphos Vanier support this summer, i.e., workshop and/or fellowship review groups, please bantingvanier.gps [at] (subject: Vanier%20writing%20support%20-%20late%20registration, body: I%20am%20interested%20in%20Vanier%20fellowship%20writing%20support%20activities%20offered%20by%20Graphos.%20) (email us) in June 2021.

NOTE: Updates to the schedule will be posted once the internal list of potential applicants has been decided. If you have questions about these resources, please send an email to bantingvanier.gps [at]

Banting Applicants TBD "Writing an Effective Banting Application" Workshop

Yvonne Hung, PhD (Graphos Coordinator)


Banting CIHR Applicants TBD

Fellowship Review Group

Banting NSERC Applicants TBD

Fellowship Review Group

Banting SSHRC Applicants TBD

Fellowship Review Group



Please note that all times are Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)

Vanier Applicants TBD "Writing an Effective Vanier Application" Workshop

Vanier recipient with Yvonne Hung, PhD (Graphos Coordinator)


Vanier CIHR Applicants


*Fellowship Review Group


Vanier NSERC Applicants TBD

*Fellowship Review Group


Vanier SSHRC Applicants TBD

*Fellowship Review Group




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