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      MWC Graduate Writing Fellows (2024-2025)


      The McGill Writing Centre is seeking applicants for their 2024-2025 Writing Fellows Program. The goal of the program is to train a team of Writing Fellows who will develop, organize, and deliver non-credit graduate writing initiatives across the university. Fellows will gain structured training in writing pedagogy, graduate communication support, and knowledge management. By collaborating with others from various disciplines and faculties, Fellows will not only develop their own writing skills but also be part of a cohort of graduate students engaged in fostering writing.


      * Applicants must be in a full-time doctoral program at McGill

       * Applicants must have existing authorization to work at McGill

       * Fellowships start on May 1, 2024, and conclude April 30, 2025. Fellows must commit to the entire period.

      * Fellows must be able to meet in person at McGill from May 1 - June 30, 2024, and from September 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025.

      Responsibilities/Position Description

      * Participate in spring/summer training course to develop an action plan for a non-credit Writing Fellows Project (May 1-June 30, 2024)

      * Develop and plan their Writing Fellows Project (July 1-August 31, 2024)

      * Organize and deliver their Writing Fellows Project (September 1, 2024-April 30, 2025)

      * Develop graduate communication resources to support the Writing Fellows program

      * Assist in outreach and awareness efforts for the Writing Fellows program

      * Attend regular meetings with MWC staff and other Writing Fellows in the fall and winter terms

      Hours and Compensation

      4-6 hours/week

      To apply, please submit an application in Workday (links below) with the following documents:

       * a cover letter that presents your motivation to apply, your fit in terms of writing experience, and your aspirations as a writer.

       * a CV tailored to the position

       * writing sample (10-12 pages)

      Links to postings:

      English: https://mcgill.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/mcgill_careers/job/Redpath-Library/MWC-Writing-Fellows-2024-2025_JR0000051585

      French: https://mcgill.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/fr-CA/mcgill_careers/job/Redpath-Library/MWC-Writing-Fellows-2024-2025_JR0000051585


      Graduate Writing Workshop Leaders

      The McGill Writing Centre (MWC) is seeking leaders for workshops to be offered to graduate and postdoctoral students on a range of writing-related topics and scholarly and professional genres. Responsibilities include working with the Graduate Writing Coordinator and other MWC staff to develop and refine workshop content and participating in the staging and running of workshops. Workshops are held throughout the Fall and Winter terms.

      Qualifications: Ideal candidates will hold a graduate degree (PhD preferred), though in exceptional cases, an advanced graduate student may be considered. Preference will be given to candidates with excellent written and oral communication skills, a history of teaching excellence, and a keen understanding of the writing process in and/or beyond their disciplines. Note that a diverse corps of workshop leaders with backgrounds in Humanities, Science and Social Science fields is sought.

      Compensation: $55.00 for each hour of preparation and of delivery.

      To apply: Click here


      Course Instructors - see Workday

      The McGill Writing Centre offers undergraduate and graduate courses on various aspects of scholarly communication.

      Please check Workday for regular postings during the following time frames:

      * For Fall courses, postings are available on October 1
      * For Winter courses, postings are available on February 1
      * For Spring/Summer courses, postings are available on July 1

      Late postings follow a different posting time frame, so please check Workday for late postings.

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