Graduate Program Coordinator’s roles and responsibilities

GPC role

  • The GPC is a (and often the) point of contact for prospective and current students regarding graduate program and university regulations, fellowships and admissions
  • The GPC provides administrative support for the graduate program, faculty, and graduate students
  • The GPC assists the GPD
  • The GPC is the administrative link between the program and GPS, Enrolment Services (ES) and the Scholarship and Student Aid Office (SSAO)

GPC responsibilities

With respect to the graduate program(s)

  • Provides support to Faculty and departmental administrators regarding graduate studies (Associate Dean, Chair, GPD, etc.)
  • Provides support for committees related to graduate studies
  • Manages special projects related to the graduate program
  • Manages promotional material for the program and prospective students (Open House, website, newsletter, marketing, etc.)
  • Provides organizational and administrative support for the program (e.g. schedules meetings and seminars, graduate finances, course calendar, schedules graduate classes, events, room-bookings, e-Calendar, etc.)
  • Is comfortable working with the Student Information Systems (SIS), Financial Information Systems (FIS), and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) needed for the support of the graduate program
  • Ensures that GRADPROG Listserv messages reach the appropriate audience
  • Attends information sessions given by GPS

With respect to graduate students

  • Handles many of the day-to-day details (forms, processes, letters) for graduate student activities, such as:
    • Admissions
      • Recruitment, Orientation
      • Internship placements
    • Funding/Fellowships
      • Processing scholarship and other award applications
      • Stipend and award payment (BSAC)
      • TA employment and payment
    • Registration
      • Program and course registration
      • Entering and changing grades
      • Processing grades, thesis submissions, failures, degree audits, convocation lists
      • Scheduling PhD Defenses, Comprehensive Examinations
      • Processing failures
      • Comprehensive exams
      • Degree audits
  • Advising
    • Helping students with questions about graduate program requirements, procedures, etc.
    • Helping students identify appropriate resources, or referring them to the GPD, if problems arise
    • Keeping students informed of deadlines, changes in regulations, etc.

With respect to faculty members

  • Serves as point person and information source for all University and departmental policies and procedures relevant to graduate education
  • Supports faculty with regard to graduate activities (admissions, funding forms, etc.)

With respect to other stakeholders

  • Acts as a liaison officer and knows who to contact in GPS, ES, SSAO with regard to specific graduate studies issues

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