Dealing with international transcripts

The moment you encounter a transcript that is not from Canada or the USA, immediately look for both a transcript key and a country guide on the Degree Equivalency pages.  You may also search the website of the issuing institution for information on their grading system. If the student was assessed for admission to your department, you should have this information already in the student record.

If you are dealing with an unknown system (with no qualitative information provided with the transcript) and have consulted all of these resources and still have difficulties deciding how to record information, contact Graduate Admissions.

If in doubt, please contact Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Fellowships unit.  They will try to help find a reasonable equivalent. If you’re unsure, it’s better to contact them early while the file is in your hands and changes can be made to the Fellowships Award Database (FAD), as well as your departmental ranking/review process.

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