International postdoctoral fellows

Joining us from outside Canada? We know that the process can seem overwhelming. This section provides an overview of what you should do prior to coming to Canada and what you should do upon your arrival in Montreal.

As international postdocs you must apply for a Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) work permit prior to coming to McGill University to take on a postdoctoral appointment. This section provides the information you must know regarding:

  • How to apply for a permit - for yourself as well as for spouses and dependants
  • How to renew your permit
  • What to do if you need to leave the country during the application process
  • Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the sections on your particular postdoctoral designation, whether you are a postdoctoral fellow or a research trainee, to familiarize yourself with the rights, responsibilities and resources available to you. All information within these sections also applies to international postdoctoral scholars. Special attention should be given to the section on healthcare to ensure that you have adequate health insurance while in Canada.

Additional information can be found on the international student services website, but please note that not all resources available to undergraduate and graduate students pertain to international postdoctoral researchers. For clarification, please contact Postdoctoral Affairs.


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