International Research Strengths

McGill’s research collaborations are truly global, reaching across continents and disciplines. Strong research collaborations often lead to joint student supervision, joint sponsored research projects, and visiting professorship opportunities. These partnerships serve to benefit local and international communities.

World-Class Research Collaborations

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Institutional-level research collaborations can support strategic initiatives and significantly strengthen research impact.

International Funding

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A number of international sponsors provide funding for research involving specific regions or issues.


Research Collaboration Fast Facts

McGill scholars have co-authored over 60,000 publications in the last decade. Our top co-publishing partner countries are listed below.

Chart of co-publications per country. A textual list of each item is placed below this chart.

United States 22,697 publications. United Kingdom 8,658 publications. France 6,942 publications. Germany 6,674 publications. China 5,275 publications. Australia 4,621 publications. Italy 4,367 publications. The Netherlands 4,143 publications. Switzerland 3,651 publications. Spain 3,549 publications

Source: SciVal

Safeguarding Research

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International research collaborations are a vital component of global engagement. Although mutually beneficial, they may come with risk. Faculty, researchers, administrators, and students need to aware of potential research security risks and identify measures to mitigate such risks. Our joint efforts to address this as a shared community responsibility will ensure that the University, its people, its research, and its partners are protected.

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