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Grant program for research projects on postgraduate medical education

PUBLISHED 8 NOV 2016. We are pleased to forward to you today a copy of the reminder we are sending to all medical residents, inviting them to submit research projects on postgraduate medical education in order to receive a grant from the Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec. Grants are for up to $10,000 each, depending on the budget submitted. This grant is not a salary, but must be used to cover other research-related expenses. Research projects are evaluated by a scientific committee consisting primarily of researchers. We thank you in advance for promoting this Grant program to your medical residents, and supporting them in this process. Program documentation: PDF icon FMRQ Grant program for research projects on postgraduate medical education

Programme de subvention de projets de recherche de la FMRQ sur la formation médicale

PUBLISHED 8 NOV 2016. Tel que demandé au CÉMA, vous trouverez aux sites web suivants les détails concernant le programme de subvention de projets de recherche de la FMRQ sur la formation médicale postdoctorale.

Universities speak out unanimously against sexual harassment and violence in the university setting

PUBLISHED 18 OCT 2016. File English version PDF icon Version française



  • Results of survey on Strategic Priorities for Education

    The message below is being forwarded to you on behalf of Dr. Annette Majnemer, Vice-Dean, Education
    Hello all,
    I would like to thank those of you who took the time to complete our survey on educational goals for the Faculty of Medicine. This online survey was conducted between September 12 and October 7, 2016, asking you to rate, on a Likert scale, our Faculty’s current performance on eight separate potential strategic goals for the educational mission (please see attached list of survey questions pertaining to strategic goals). In addition, respondents were asked to rate the level of priority of each goal. We received 568 completed surveys, as well as 30-90 detailed comments for each of the areas probed. Participants (70% female; 63.6% in the first half of their program) included individuals representing all programs of study in the Faculty (health profession programs, biomedical sciences), and all levels of training (undergraduate, graduate, residents and post-doctoral fellows).
    Quantitative analyses indicate that:
    ·         Priority level was rated highly** (strong agreement) for all 8 areas proposed.
    ·         Current performance was rated lowest for: Interdisciplinary/interprofessional education; assessment and evaluation; use of technologies in education; and educational contribution to local and global communities.
    ·         Overall, current performance was rated as very good (agree to strongly agree), in the 5.1-5.5 range (median 5.0-6.0) on a 7-point scale. Students in the first half of their program consistently gave a higher rating to current performance than those in the second half of their program.
    ·         BSc Science students uniformly rated these goals as lower priority than other students did.
    ·         PhD students’ mean rating of interdisciplinary education opportunities was lowest.
    ·         Occupational Therapy students followed by Speech-Language Pathology students on average rated current performance in the 8 educational domains more highly than other students.
    ·         Postdoctoral fellows indicated the greatest discrepancy between performance and priority.
    **(high rating = strong agreement with statements; low rating = strong disagreement)
    We are very grateful to those who took the time to provide comments for each of the goals. We will carefully consider these rich observations and suggestions provided by the respondents. This data provides a more in-depth understanding of the issues and concerns and offers some actionable solutions. This will be extremely valuable as we develop our strategic action plan.
    Next steps:
    Q: Will learners be consulted in the development of the strategic action plan for education in the Faculty of Medicine?
    The SEE (Steering Educational Excellence) committee will be triangulating the data received from this survey with that collected from the faculty survey that was done this past summer, and we will be developing several workgroups focused on strategic goals, particularly related to learner-centred approaches and to interdisciplinary, interprofessional education experiences. If you are interested in participating in a workgroup, please indicate your interest to Maia Yarymowich at [at]
    If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Annette Majnemer


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  • Perioperative Medicine Journal Club (Monthly on Thursdays from 7:30 am to 8:30 am).  
    Mandatory to attend if on Pre-Op rotation.  
    This is being videoconferenced at all 3 sites for your convenience and you are all welcome to attend!

    The session will be broadcast to 3 sites:
    RVH – C05.1172
    MGH – 19th Floor conference room
    JGH – K-6345 conference room 

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