Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Gregor Fussmann, Professor

Office: Stewart Biology Building, Room N8/15 | Email: gregor.fussmann [at]


Graduate Students

Danny Gedig (MSc student)
I am an MSc student in the Fussmann Lab researching the effects of anthropogenic change on the freshwater plankton community. To this end, we use both lab and field techniques, such as chemostats and experimental mesocosms, respectively. Before coming to McGill, I completed an honours thesis during my undergraduate degree (BEnvSc) at the University of Manitoba (UM) on mercury contamination of black crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatus). I continued at UM after graduation by studying carbon cycling in high latitude freshwater and coastal systems. My personal interests include camping, angling and snowboarding, as well as just about anything that gets me outdoors.
Please see my website at:

Sabrina Therrien (MSc student, primary supervisor: Dr. Graham Bell, McGill University)

Recent Graduate Students

Marie-Pier Hébert (PhD student, co-supervised by Dr. Beatrix Beisner, UQAM)
Egor Katkov (PhD student)
Naíla Barbosa de Costa (PhD student, co-supervised by Dr. Jesse Shapiro, McGill University)

Kaushar Kagzi (MSc student, co-supervised by Dr. Melania Cristescu, McGill University
Allegra Pearce (MSc student, co-supervised by Dr. Andrew Hendry, McGill University)

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